Datraveler : Visit The Best Region 2019

The year of travel destinations, travel expert Lonely Planet announced their list of “ the best region 2019”. Have the 10 lists of the best regions worldwide. The most important regions we shared with spectacular landmarks and culinary heritage. Need inspiration of where to travel this year, follow Lonely Planet list of 10 best regions 2019.

Piedmont, Italy: Best Region 2019

Image by ddzphoto from Pixabay

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The northwestern corner of Italy’s inland the former fortress of Savai. Shackles of the Italian state and the industrial power of the 20th century. An expert in its strengths, but not always so good at selling its large charm to tourists. Contemporary art and electronic music in Turin flourishing. A special self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci hides in the city’s Reale Library. Remote alpine trails and exquisite rural villages. the best of red wine (wine) and white wine (truffles) the valley offers. Which may be more than just the secrets of professional travelers, art lovers, and food lovers.

The Catskills, USA: Best Region 2019

Image by PublicDomainPicturesfromPixabay

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Fifty years ago, in the heart of Catskills. The Woodstock Music Festival became one of the watershed events that defined a generation. Can now have their own grandchildren the children of flowers. The spirit of free spirit lives in the city of this picturesque New York section, an independent fan. Recent years, from farms to dining tables, custom breweries, and wineries. Art groups and high-profile concert halls, great Innovative restaurants an increasing number have emerged. Speaking of concerts, August 2019 is the time of the visit. Want to be part of the story: fun and music will re-launch Woodstock’s 50th anniversary.

Northern Peru: Best Region 2019

by CPWF Basin Focal Project

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The oldest cultures of the African continent with most advanced collections in Northern Peru. The wildest landscapes in the world made. Impressive region, which makes the journey to South America spectacular. The southern competition, many tourists will overlook the north. Has Machu Picchu reached its tourism capacity. More tourism infrastructure in the north authorities have implemented, cable car in Kuélap. Makes the castle easier to reach and the number of flights arriving from Lima. The increase in the North has made 2019 the best time to visit this undeveloped region.

Visit The Best Region 2019

The Red Centre, Australia: Best Region 2019

Image by Nathan March from Pixabay 

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The spiritual center of the Red Centre in Australia is Uluru, the most recognized natural wonder of the country. 150 years after the explorer decided to “conquer the rock”, this sacred place was closed in 2019 by the climbers. Find this world heritage site recognized for its outstanding natural and cultural values ​​and conquered them. Traditional guardians in the district and determine the idols and desert with fresh eyes unique perspective. Explore Watarrka National Park (Kings Canyon),Uluru – Kata Tjuta (Ayers Rock and Olgas).

Scotland’s Highlands and Islands: Best Region 2019

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay 

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Thousands of years of distillation history and culture. The essence of the highlands and islands. Has experienced a whiskey boom that has never seen since the 1890s. The past two years, there have 20 new breweries in Scotland, and at least 20 will open in 2020. Winery experience – Learn terroir, technology, and tasting. A wonderful introduction to one of Europe’s most ardent, populous and scenic areas. Its innovative and fast-growing residential district. Designed RV parking spaces to designer cabins. Inspired by old buildings, makes access to remote areas easier than ever.

Russian Far East: Best Region 2019

Image by Евгений Монахов from Pixabay 

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Has undergone an impressive transformation, Russia’s most remote corner in the recent year. Moving from a neglected section to a regional axis. Has turned Russia its attention to its Asian neighbors. The altitude of its largest city, Vladivostok, from the regional capital. To culture and cooking, this new vitality is clearer. Have opened new and important spaces in the city Winter Palace and the Mariinsky Theatre in recent years. Local batsmen such as the Fabrika Zarya Art Center. Star of Vladivostok on the rise. The region’s original nature and dramatic volcanoes elsewhere, are easier to access than ever.

Gujarat, India: Best Region 2019

by Emmanuel Dyan

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019, will be a good day in Gujarat. Indian Prime Minister and Gujarat state Narendra Modi budgeted 150 million rupees ($23 million) to celebrate the 150th anniversary. Birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the most famous and popular son of Gujarat. The loud fanfare, room for breathing in the peaceful corner of Gujarat. The sky in the backwater village is full of kites. Lions, wolves, hyenas and wild donkeys stroll through the tranquil nature reserve. Tribal communal painted rainbow-colored mirror costumes and embroidery with a clean Kachchh.

Manitoba, Canada: Best Region 2019

Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

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The center of everything, Manitoba. Geographic center and Canada’s key meeting point. Will exchange Ancient Aborigines products in downtown Winnipeg. Keeps a multicultural flavor, the capital with more than a quarter of its population. Moving from countries such as the Philippines, Nigeria, and India. Near to Churchill, further north. An important crossroads for the country’s province giant fauna: mobile bears and whale explorers. Increased air traffic and improved travel packages will now make travelers closer to nature than ever.

Normandy, France: Best Region 2019

Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay 

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Filled with wonderful beaches. Wild and romantic seaside landscape of Normandy complements of the finest seafood. The Creamiest cheeses and the apples on the lips. Pursues in history don’t know where to start from this wealthy region. 2019 is the year of the 75th anniversary of D Day. Look forward to a rich commemoration and celebrations, city of Rouen is preparing for ships from worldwide. Visit the Seine on the 30th Armada de Rouen in Armada de Rouen. Which held every four or six years and attracts millions of spectators.

Elqui Valley, Chile: Best Region 2019

Image by EDUARDO MIRANDA from Pixabay 

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The vast Atacama Desert, on the southern edge, mountain rivers traverse the hillsides. Covered with vines, chiseled peaks and tranquil villages that sleep under the star-filled sky. One of the most adorable areas in northern Chile, the Elqui Valley. Has much of charm, 320 sunny days. Birthplace of the Nobel Prize-winning poet and the center of Chile’s Pisco production. Far from the eyes of the world. Spoken little by little, this unusual region, and astronomers are seeing their famous sky being cleared. When the sun’s total eclipse in 2019 will pass from the top of the head.

Alternative Best Region 2019 in Asia:

Cordillera Administrative Region

Ifugao Province, Cordillera

Cordillera Administrative Region

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The high altitude, they often describe Banaue as “the earth meets the clouds to find the sky”. The “ladder” to heaven rice terraces are. A place of a natural escapade Banaue, and cultural immersion. Enjoy activities such as walking, cycling, and hiking. A bonfire meeting In the afternoon in the town or an indoor refuge in hotels and lodge. Main tourist destination Banaue rice terraces in Asia. Thousands of feet high at the foot of the Cordilleras Mountains. Can extend its length from the beginning to the end, covering half of the world.

Supplied rice fields by mountain springs and streams. Directed into irrigation channels and irrigation channels pass the terraces in the village of Batad. Similar to an amphitheater terrace shaped, can reached 12 km from the Banaue Hotel, 2 hours on the mountain road.

Walk through the terraces, the calm retreat is the stream of Guihob. The spring water and the magnificent waterfall of Tappiya, with a huge swimming pool. Shopping in Banaue has a different feeling. The most exciting way to shop is to visit the countryside, shops offer antique souvenirs. Watch a family show, their local crafts, and then bargain to get a better price on their products.

Bicol Region

Image by Ronnie Rey Manjares from Pixabay 

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The Bicol region or region V (known as Bicolandia) is one of the 17 regions of the Philippines. Bicol (known as Bikol) comprises four provinces on the Bicol Peninsula. The southeastern tip of Luzon island, next to the two provinces of the island. City of Legazpi in the province of Albay, its regional center.

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Comprises the region six provinces: Albay, Catanduanes, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon and Masbate.

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Best Region 2019

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Datraveler : Visit The Best Country 2019

Planning desperate to travel. Affordable and convenient countries to transport, and these countries can visit these top 10 countries.

10 best countries to visit in 2019

Several sources your next vacation can inspire that, you can’t trust every source. Lonely Planet Travel Experts facilitated the cumbersome course of selecting the best country destinations. A list of candidates by listing the top ten countries to visit in 2019. Plan your next trip in your home sitting in a comfortable chair, now you can.

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Sri Lanka

Best Country 2019

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The moment of the equatorial sun, Sri Lanka is changing. What has attracted attention is the brave traveler? Blends religion and culture, its timeless temples, rich and accessible wild animals. Its thriving surf scenes and its popularity after decades of internal conflict. People who challenge the possibilities, a resurrection country? Today, families, adrenaline addicts, ecotourists, health seekers and all budget foodies are more than ever. The north and east, including banned areas, are difficult to reach or lack of services and new discoveries provided.


Best Country 2019 Germany

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An innovation, Germany has extensive force long ago. Has provided the world with printing machines, cars, aspirin, and other inventive milestones. A small school in the Thuringian countryside 100 years ago launched an influential aesthetic movement. Can still feel its response, today: Bauhaus. Taken part in the one-year midwife party established in Weimar in 1919. Prospered in Dessau and rejected by the Nazis in Berlin in 1933. Will open new museums and dozens of events and exhibitions across Germany in these three cities.

best country 2019


Best Country 2019 Zimbabwe

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Headlines for all the wrong reasons although it may be. Has been a country that has commented by field travelers, Zimbabwe. The safest destinations in Africa, not only is it one. Has friendly locals, five national parks, world heritage archaeological sites, forested mountains and the mighty Victoria Falls. May have killed unscrupulous optimism after Robert Mugabe’s reign, the controversial 2018 election. The country’s hopes among Zimbabweans stay strong. The visit here as a sign of their new dawns, locals saw as usual.



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Welcome to the crossroads of the Americas. Celebrate tropical biodiversity the north meets the south in Panama. Celebrates at the world-famous biological museum. The east meets the west, through expand of world trade. The world’s largest cargo ship passes through the renovated Panama Canal. Has so many treasures in a small country dear Panama. White sandy beaches to tropical forests, misty plateaus, and indigenous culture still under the radar. Commits Panama City to celebrating, marking its 500-year history in 2019. Will not miss a harsh leap year. Long live in Panama!



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Kyrgyzstan’s development in the world’s tourism industry looks to have occurred. The 2018 World Nomadic Games after the turmoil. Dedicated to its traditional (and extravagant) regional sports a central Asian competition. Visit time has never been better hiking trails marked exceed 2,700 km. Has an impulse to public-managed tourism products, the entire country. A new national road method has reduced transit time. Those countries above with no visas, over 60 countries for the people. A simplified e-visa program, but do it now. Looking for unspoiled natural splendor Kyrgyzstan is becoming a favorite of independent travelers.

best country 2019


Jordan Ruins

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Do you love escapade? a new recipe: find a 650-kilometer-long path and reserve 36 days (42 rest stops) to walk; release a stunning rift landscape, undulating canyons, turn green after flooding; add View of the lowest point of the earth (the Dead Sea) and the Bible disaster (Sodom); scatters seasonal wildflowers on the cross castle; joint with the unstoppable Jordanian optimism of health suggestion, you have it: Jordan Trail, the last of the country dish. Test the difficulties of this epic route in the parcel’s head.


Bali Indonesia

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Indonesia’s length is long, from the new ECO-resorts that meet the Somali orangutans to tribal traditions of Papua. Form the archipelago a mixture of culture, cuisine, and religion across over 17,000 islands. Provides a kaleidoscopic experience. Which found in the Pacific Fire Ring and surrounded by volcanoes. Have hit recent earthquakes areas of Indonesia. The response to these natural disasters is continuing, but much of this country still safe for tourists. Exploring this tropical country has never been easier. The large-scale investment in new air, land and sea connections. Visa-free entry of citizens in the last 169 countries. Act now before you discover all the secrets.

best country 2019


Minsk, Belarus

Image by Zdeněk Fekar from Pixabay

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Belarus a beacon for those seeking darkness, and because of the visas. The relaxed demands of art venues and cafes, and celebrate of the locals, as in 1999, they calmed down. Center Minsk, where it should arrive and leave. The new 30-day method use without a visa. Impeccable Old Town, centered on the elegant ratusha (city hall). Join the noisy summer street party, the night revelers leave the bierstube and modern cocktail bar. has become the center of world events and summits center Minsk. Next: The 2019 European Games.

Sao Tome & Príncipe

Sao Tome and Principe

Image by LMS Serra from Pixabay 

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Bold places to visit where no one has been, brave explorers have looking. A rare opportunity, few travelers ever heard. The two island islands in the Gulf of Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe, are now calling. Don’t ignore it. Rise in the sky surrealist landscapes, tropical waters kiss on open beaches. Relics from colonial sugar, cocoa and coffee plantations the jungle consumes to the island’s past slave trade. Hiking through the forest. Mountain climbing or diving into the sea, you will find many endless treasures.

best country 2019


Turtle, Belize

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Its Caribbean coast borders the world’s second largest barrier reef. Fill its interior with the most extensive and accessible cave systems in Central America. Mixed-race people, Maya, Garifuna, Creole, An exotic mixture of Medini and expatriates. Works hard, many travelers to put Belize on the map, but, the trend is changing. Its unique marine environment the government is working hard to protect. New ECO-resorts are taking benefits of the country’s impressive jungles and caves. That parts of Central America travelers find them fresh, safe and easy to reach. Come here before the inevitable crowd.

Manila, Philippines

Image by lineofxite from Pixabay 

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Manila – the capital of the Philippines, its core and soul, in Manila. Establishes rhythm of life in this archipelago and is a pulsating center. Picturesque and modern, ordinary and extraordinary, that combines the East and the West.

The banks of the Pasig River, Manila was born in the ashes of a bustling Malay settlement. Established loyal city Manila’s by Miguel López de Legazpi in 1571, until 1898. When it became the seat of Spanish colonial rule in Asia. Built the city wall inside the city, and he named it Intramuros.

Heart of over 7,000 islands in the Philippines, Manila as a major tourist destination. The Asian Performing Arts Center.

Boracay Beach Philippines

Image by Thomas Tangelder from Pixabay 

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Boracay’s code is informal. Has an easy and undeniable atmosphere, Boracay. Walking barefoot is a rule and no exception. Superb white sand beach, and it feels a few miles of baby powder. Discos on the first floor by swinging club, giving the dance a new look.

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No buildings on this island. Massage in the shade of coconut trees, enjoy during the day and relaxing environment, coast sights are common. Great place to a party Boracay, from dusk to dawn. Welcome everyone to join… but first, let’s have a drink at sunset!

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The recreational activities of this tropical Eden are not a problem. Leisure activities throughout the year, and 350 tourist agencies give services.


Image by Madhawa Perera from Pixabay

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The 10 Best Travel Destinations, Accommodation In The World

An important part of people’s lives travel. Happy to say you have enjoyed a fulfilling life if you travel much. Vacationing abroad from time to time is a key feature that can bring happiness. Fun as traveling, and sometimes difficult to choose the destinations that is best for travel.

Visit many wonderful destinations that may vary from person to person. Several types of travel, it depends on which on a person’s personality. If you passionate of ancient history, visit several monuments on continents. Asia, you can find the ruins of ancient civilizations, worth visiting these ruins! The Middle East of Asia is one of the perfect destinations for ancient history lovers. Example, I believe the Syrian capital Damascus to be the oldest surviving city in the world.

Love the history of “modern”, the history of the 20th century. Must visit European countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Perfect destinations because this country is the place where fashion, music, and science discovered in the last century. Don’t forget that people looking for beach vacations are Oceania, including Fiji, French Polynesia, Hawaii and more.


According to its annual year over year data (YOY), on November 15, 2018. The trend in 2019 on its major tourist destinations American Express Travel published. Find them next the ten places for best travel destinations.

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Barcelona, Spain

Destinations Barcelona, Spain

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Known for its art and architecture, Barcelona is the international capital of the Catalonia region of Spain. The sacred Church of the Sagrada Familia and other modernist monuments designed by Antoni Gaudí adorned the city. Museu Picasso and Fundació Joan Miró showcase their modern art of the same name. The historical museum of the city MUHBA includes several Roman archaeological sites.

Realities In Barcelona

  • Many of Barcelona’s most famous sights designed by the same Antoni Gaudí. Can never finish his most famous work, the irony is that Gaudi.
  • Seafood rice. Isn’t complete, without a Spanish paella party food tour.
  • Worth a visit to Barcelona yes. Has a wide variety of tourist attractions, even Barcelona more than Madrid. Think of the Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, Park Güell and the long, wide beaches facing the Mediterranean.

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Doha, Qatar

Destinations Doha, Qatar

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A modern city in Doha Bay, Doha is the capital of the Arabian Gulf peninsula of Qatar. Many parks and Corniche promenades around the city center on an artificial island. The Gallery of Islamic Art created by I.M. includes a large compilation of the entire Muslim world. Traditional market Souq Waqif, suppliers offer clothing, crafts, and spices.

The reality of Doha Qatar

  • Worth stopping for a day or two, the ideal destination for a long weekend Doha if you need to relax.
  • Wear robes, they didn’t force women who are not a Qatar citizen. Cover the entire body or their hair with long black robes. When you hold your shoulders, put on a skirt, skirt or pants over your knees, you will be fine.
  • According to the rank of the safest and most dangerous countries. The 16th safest country in the world is Qatar. Most visitors will meet no security problems, the violent crime rate is low. The most common crime is the pick-pocketing, but many police officers throughout the country.


Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

The main port city in northern Germany Hamburg and connected to the North Sea by the River Elbe. Crossed by hundreds of channels and includes a large park section. Next, to the heart, the Lake Inner Alster, dotted with boats and surrounded by cafes. Connect the central avenue of Jungfernstieg to Neustadt (new city) and Altstadt (Old City). Monuments such as the St. Michael’s Church in the 18th century.

The reality of Hamburg, Germany

  • Known the city for its famous harbour territory, the Port of Hamburg.
  • The most eaten food in northern Germany, food fish (Plaice) was once the main ingredient in fish and chips.

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Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

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Ancient imperial city in western Morocco, Marrakech. An important economic center with mosques, palaces, and gardens. Dating back to the Berber Empire. A populated, walled medieval city Medina. Include a confusing alley and open-air markets (markets) selling traditional textiles, ceramics, and jewellery. The symbol of the city, visible for miles, is the Moorish minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque in the twelfth century.

Marrakesh, Morocco the reality

  • The heat of buildings in pink walls and narrow alleys increases. Reaches the desert temperature and summer heat in Marrakech
  • Has much to do with its location used language in Morocco, but still impressive.


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New Zealand

new zealand

Image by Lars_Nissen_Photoart from Pixabay

A country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and comprises two main islands. Which characterized New Zealand both by volcanoes and glaciers. The capital, Wellington, is on the North Island and is home to the extensive national museum Te Papa Tongarewa. Spectacular Mount Wellington. Victoria, and the fjord and the southern lakes of the South Island. Represent the fabulous Middle-earth of the world of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

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Realities in New Zealand

  • Supercharged motorboats with impressive river gorges and bungee jumping. Originated from the picturesque town of the lake and its alpine environment.
  • One of the best ways to enjoy the stunning scenery of New Zealand Walking outdoors.

Hilton Hotels

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

Image byvioletta fromPixabay

New Providence island Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. Can access the adjacent paradise island via the bridge of Nassau Port. A popular cruise station with a city, mountain landscape. Famous for its beaches and offshore coral reefs and is a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. Keeps many typical pastel-colored British colonial buildings, such as the government building in pink tones.

Realities in Nassau Bahamas

  • Cable Beach Beach in Nassau is one of the most popular beaches on the island.
  • Aqua Venture Water Park at Paradise Island, Atlantis.

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Savannah, Georgia, USA

Savannah, Georgia, USA

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Separated from the Savannah River, the coastal city of Georgia, Savannah. Known for its well-preserved parks, carriages, and buildings. Full of cobblestone squares and parks its historic place. Such as Forsyth Park, under the moss-covered oak trees of Spain. The heart of this picturesque section is the landmark, Gothic-style San Juan Bautista Cathedral.

Realities in Savannah, Georgia

  • One of the original 13 colonies, the oldest city in Georgia. The second day of San Patricio in the United States, the birthplace of the Girl Scouts’ founder. The largest military parade of civil war and revolution. Savannah River Port, Antebellum Architecture, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).
  • The fall from mid-September to mid-November, a good time to visit Savannah because it was not crowded and priced.



A global financial centre with a tropical climate and a multicultural population in Singapore. An island city near southern Malaysia. The core of the colony centered on Padang and has been a cricket pitch since the 1930s. Both sides of large buildings, such as the City Hall, with 18 Corinthian columns. Chinatown in 1820, Singapore, red and gold Buddha Tooth Relic Temple said to contain a tooth of the Buddha.

Singapore’s reality

  • A small and prosperous island country Singapore, both a city and a country. The southern tip of Malaysia’s Southeast Asia Peninsula.
  • A safe and clean city Singapore. Can travel anywhere in Singapore throughout the year regardless of gender. Be careful with foreigners, unsafe in Singapore, local safe. A city in the garden once known as the Garden City.

Tuscany, Italy

Destinations Tuscany, Italy

A part in the heart of Italy, Tuscany. Its capital, Florence, is home to of the most famous Renaissance art and architecture works in the world. Such as Michelangelo’s “David” statue, Botticelli’s work and the cathedral at the Uffizi Gallery. The rugged mountains of the Apennines include its rich natural landscape. The Elba Island beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the olive groves and vineyards of Chianti.

Tuscany, Italy the reality

  • An hour’s drive northwest of Florence, Lucca Lucca is one city. Where you can escape the main city of Tuscany (Florence and Pisa) while enjoying the splendor of Italy’s cities.
  • A safe place for travelers, violent crime in Tuscany is not through the streets. The biggest problem you can meet is a pick-pocketing with most tourist areas.

Washington DC, USA

Destinations Washington DC, USA

Image by RCFEATURESfromPixabay

Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. Acompact city on the Potomac River, next to Maryland and Virginia. Defined as a monument and neoclassical architecture, including the landmarks of the three branches of the federal government: the Houses of Parliament, the White House, and the Supreme Court. Home to iconic museums and performing arts venues such as the Kennedy Center.

The reality of Washington, DC, USA

  • DC, District of Columbia: On September 9, 1791, three members overseeing construction of the capital named the city President Washington. The poetic name of the United States that used. Named the Federal District Columbia (a female form of Columbus).
  • A city within the District of Columbia (DC) Washington. A federal district and does not belong to any state the District of Columbia. Having a federal capital in a state could give the state too much power in the political glory.

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Datraveler: Visit The Best City 2019

When choosing a vacation, something attracts a group of travelers. May not interest another group of people. Plenty of destinations to choose from around the world. Narrowing the choice a great challenge. Take into account the places of interest, culture, food scenes. Accommodation options and the value of money. Relevant opinions of readers and experts, the Best City 2019 world wide.

Find everything from a dream destination in life to a national landscape park. Bear our great choices includes everything from national parks to incredible vacations. Islands and cities full of cultural attractions. Keep reading and find your next vacation.

San Francisco Bay City

San Francisco Bay City
Image by 12019 on Pixabay

One of the Best City 2019. Iconic buildings everyone travelers love the city bay offers. Something for, the cities. Such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. Its vibrant communities such as Mission and Chinatown, and its outdoor products. The Muir Woods National Monument, Golden Gate Park, and Ocean Beach. A superb variety of dining options in San Francisco bay city. Includes Michelin-starred restaurants, gourmet food trucks, plus the popular Ferry Building Market Foods Hall.

The Maldives

The Maldives

The epitome of luxury, the Maldives Best City 2019, enjoy a scenic location in the Indian Ocean. The contrast of bright turquoise water against stark white sand is stunning. A unique place to stay in an over-water bungalow. Got Maldives destination is a favorite spot. Plenty of which come with a private plunge pool. This collection of islands appeals to travelers eager to rest, relax and indulge. Keep in mind vacation here won’t come cheap, but will offer unique opportunities. Such as dining in an underwater restaurant or enjoying a treatment at an underwater spa.

Datraveler Best City Visit 2018

Banff, Alberta

Banff, Alberta

Should add Banff to their wish list outdoor enthusiasts. Banff National Park surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. A wealth of activities this Canadian resort offers. Sports activities From hiking, rafting and caving to skiing, dog sledding and snowshoeing. Entertainment activities throughout the year they hold cultural and musical performances. The après-ski section here is superb. The sports Skiers and snowboarders can relax with a drink by the fireplace. Meet Best City 2019 new individual after a day at the ski slopes.

Best City 2019

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

The number of corals on the Great Barrier Reef is declining. Remains one of the most impressive destinations in the world. Estimated the reef has over 3,000 separate coral reefs and coral keys. Colorful fish such as angelfish, clownfish, parrotfish and butterflies, and several sharks. When you are not exploring underwater. Enjoy and spend time relaxing on Best City Visit 2019 Whitehaven Beach. Add excitement sailing through the turquoise, coral sea.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia
Image by Freddie01 on Pixabay

Honeymooners and couples, Saint Lucia has long been a favorite destination. Luxury resorts and romantic atmospheres not the only things on this Caribbean island. Excited visitors can take a walk through the Pigeon Island National Landmark. Learn histories, or shoot waterfalls and flora at the Diamond Falls Botanical Garden. The beach main sands of St. Lucia include Reduit Beach and Anse Chastanet a big attraction we choose as Best City Visit 2019.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

This Indonesian island offers the perfect combination of cultural exploration and relaxation. Learn many ancient temples the island travelers should visit first before heading to their scenic beaches. Accommodation, dozens of villas, hotels, and resorts in Bali (prices vary). Can enjoy from Best City 2019 a spa treatment at a five-star resort To add luxury. Such as Four Seasons or The St. Regis.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Image by spanhovep on Pixabay

The Best City 2019 a green tropical jungle Costa Rica offers. Vast beaches, fascinating fauna and impressive volcanoes. Those who want to experience these needs will want to find Manuel Antonio, National Park. Where you can sunbathe and swim on the beach. Enjoy watching birds, iguanas, monkeys, sloths and many more afternoon time. Be sure to plan the dry season from mid-December to April to experience the greatest sunshine.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is the exclusive archipelago of the Caribbean Sea, we pick as Best City Visit 2019. The hurricane season in 2017 these islands damaged, now recovering. Don’t forget your visit will include lots of outdoor fun and sunshine. The British Virgin Islands has stunning beaches. Such as Sugar Cane Gardens Bay, Anegada, and Smuggler’s Bay. The Baths the unique rock and granite bay series. Choose your luxury, book a hotel here, or you can rent a private villa or yacht to enjoy your island holiday style.

Best City 2019

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City) celebrates its nickname. Enjoy with its panoramic views and festivals. The Best City Visit 2019, carnival celebrations in February or March each year. Include a variety of dances, parades, and parties. Complete Rio tour should visit the spectacular Christ the Redeemer statue. Explore the 340-acre botanical gardens and stroll around Ipanema or Copacabana beaches.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

This Peruvian Incan citadel is a unique journey of life. Part of the fun of many travelers is to take a four-day stroll along the Inca Trail. Seeing this extensive UNESCO World Heritage Site. Can still take a train, if Not one hiker, from Cusco to the foot of the mountain. Admire this impressive historical site. Built in the fifteenth century and later abandoned. Known for its exquisite dry stone walls that blend huge bricks without mortar. Excite this fascinating architecture contrasts with astronomical routes and panoramic views. Unsolved mystery exact ancient use. Enjoy and find mystery the Best City Visit 2019 in Machu Picchu, Peru.

Datraveler Best City Visit 2019 San Francisco Bay City…

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Stay Hungary Hotels | Visitors Must-See Budapest City Attraction

Historical Museum of Budapest City

The Historical Museum of Budapest City features three great Budapest attractions: The Castle Museum, the Kiscelli Museum, and the Aquincum Museum. Besides the many temporary exhibits found in these museums, visitors can enjoy seeing several permanent exhibits.

These include gothic sculptures from the Royal Palace of Buda. The Golden Lion Pharmacy exhibition, the Baroque sculpture gallery, and entry to the public-air Statue park program. The Historical Museum of Budapest is a relevant whole time.

As one of the best capital cities in Europe, Budapest has far more to offer than just these 5 great attractions. Make a walk tour of the Budapest City various regions will find the city has to offer and get the most from your trip.
Enjoy the spectacular assets of Budapest. Stay on hotels with an offer.

Budapest Hungary

Budapest Hungary
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Visitors Must-See Budapest City Attraction:

Budapest resembles Prague too. Spread on the two sides of Danube River, this Budapest city encompasses splendid attraction to admire. The setting is picturesque on both sides and the nine connecting bridges. Besides villas and public buildings impart special characteristics to the city.

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Buda, Obuda, and Pest are three cities combine to form the Grand Budapest. Both on the west side of the river while Pest lies on the opposite sides. Buda is the common name for both Obuda and Buda. This wonderful region occupied by the palaces and spas since pest known for its commercial values. In Budapest, the most famous landmark is parliament building on the banks of the Danube River. It resembles the impressive English house of parliament. Get to the top of Castle Hill and have the best view of the Parliament.

Budapest Hungary

Budapest Hungary
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Collection of churches, palaces, and monuments in the city are today the world heritage sites of UNESCO. They are something which you cannot miss. Museums such as National Museum, National Gallery and Historical Museum of Budapest have favorite spots for visitors.

You can enjoy the spectacular assets of Budapest City. And to enjoy the amazing heritages, you need to stay here as long as possible. Budapest hotels are of great use to stay. A fact they prove to a wonderful platform for staying comfortable and visiting splendid attractions the entire Budapest City.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Nove Lazne

Danubius Health Spa Resort Nove Lazne

Hilton Budapest

Hilton Budapest


Bahia Real GL, Fuerteventura, Spain


Budapest resembles Prague too. Spread on the two sides of Danube River, this Budapest city encompasses splendid attraction to admire. The setting…


Boutique Hotel Victoria Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Novum Hotel Golden Park Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Panorama Central, Budapest, Hungary


Visitors Must-See Budapest City Attraction:

Datraveler : Visit The Best Region 2018

Lonely Planet praises Northern Ireland’s shift from the Burdens to entrust with high-grade attractions. Synonymous with an assault, blasts, gun battles, and partisan murders. Early troubled Belfast has revived itself as one of the primary-rate visitor targets in the world. A decade of transformation and expenditure, and aid from the city’s most prominent exports. Belfast and the Causeway coast has declared by Lonely Planet as the best region to visit in 2018.

Visiting Belfast? Book “Culloden Estate and Spa

Alaska, USA

Alaska, USA

The Best Region: Alaska, USA

Impenetrable forest open to sums, journey has made Alaska’s. Have a sense of the harsh landscape that formed erstwhile gold rush stampeders tremble in their boots. One desires to get off the ship and spread your limbs. An Alaskan act in classic ports of order that marks the 49th state’s rocky coastline.

The Best Region: The Julian Alps, Slovenia

The widest city, Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital. Recognized for its school culture and grassy fields, comprising extensive Tivoli Park. Curving Ljubljanica River, bordered with rustic cafes, separates the city’s ancient metropolis from its economic hub. Many institutions Ljubljana has, comprising the National Library of Slovenia, representing extraordinary exhibitions. The Library of Modern Art, home to 20th-century Slovene murals and sculptures.

Won’t find the crushing crowds but plenty of charm and historic nature. The Ljubljanica Rivers winds its way through the city, and they are pleasant, picturesque bridges. The Old Town is full of fountains, cafes, and restaurants, a castle looms over the city. Home to a wealth trendy artist and musicians the city. High-end boutiques, hotels, and summer festivals. An excellent place to explore the great outdoors of Slovenia.

The Julian Alps, Slovenia

Julian Alps, Slovenia
Image by odejacob on Pixabay

Longing to explore more relaxation, Slovenia is the right place for you. Many health resorts with natural thermal springs believed healing powers can treat a host of diseases and relieve discomfort. Can find plenty of spas with every variety of services. One of the best known thermal spas, Terme Snovik. Another family-friendly thermal spa Terme Banovci in Prekmurje that is fantastic. Create a great family vacation, they even have pools, slides, and lots of recreational activities.

To the north, you will find the Julian Alps of Slovenia. Home to regions these mountains most endangered and endemic species. Mount Triglav the highest peak in the entire region covered with lush forest teeming with life. Alpine farmers who have been here for generations passing through the valleys and low-lying mountains with Crystal rivers. Can find plenty of skiing, venture to the Soca Valley in the winter. Full of people lakes and rivers are  enjoying the outdoor events. Include white water rafting, kayaking, fishing and so many more. A popular place to visit they have two major lakes. Enough of hotels, golf courses, and hiking trails to take.

A big part of life here in Slovenia food. The abundance of the Mediterranean Sea meets the influences of the Alpine region. Fresh Food here, healthy and delicious. Try stopping at a local café or restaurant to experience the tastes of Slovenia.

Achieve something, spoil yourself in spas, have culinary treasures set up by the best chefs. Cultivate your mind with inspired and artistic events, Slovenia will influence you better Circumstances than you need.

A different tourist attraction each region has, the list next recommended by Lonely Planet to visit and explore.

Datraveler : Visit The Best Region 2018

Visit The Canary Islands National Park And Best Beaches

The Canary Islands, the Spanish archipelago on the northwest coast of Africa. The rugged volcanic islands of pristine white and black beaches. Tenerife the largest island, active volcanoes, and sometimes snowy mountains. Teide owns astronomical observatory, part of the Teide National Park. The capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife a grand carnival held in Tenerife before Lent.

Canary Islands Dramatic landscape

The year, the Canary Islands mean whether in summer or winter. Enjoy dramatic landscapes and diversity through the mainland. Experience near-perfect temperatures. Marvel at Gomera, the inner mountain of Gran Canaria in Pine Mountain National Park. Subtropical plant of La Palma Falls. Compare this prosperity with the extraordinary arid plain flanking the Tenerife’s El Teide. Dotted with cactus, bushes and much of goats in the lava fields of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Canary Islands National Park And Best Beaches

Teide National Park

Teide National Park
Czermak Photography

The largest park in the Canary Islands. A priority on the list to visit Tenerife National park.

The unique crater, volcanic and petrified lava river landscape. Surrounds the impressive silhouette of the Tide Volcano at 3,718 meters above sea level. Provides many organized services for visitors. Can discover and enjoy this part. A convenient road network throughout the park. Two visitor centres, revealing the park’s secrets. A bar and a restaurant to cool, enriching the whole The panoramic view of the park. Provides an extensive network of trails for visitors who want to explore more parks. Two types of accommodation. Parador Hotel Las Cañadas del Teide and Refuge de Altavista, at an altitude of 3,270 metres.

Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote

Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote

Every visitor to Lanzarote must visit Timanfaya National Park. A quarter of the island covers a spectacular volcanic landscape. The six-year continues of volcanic eruptions between 1730 and 1736. A small volcanic eruption in 1824. Estimated scale of the volcanic eruption has 2,000,000,000 cubic meters of lava. Sprayed from over 100 volcanoes to fertile land and villages, and restoration of new land from the sea. Most volcanic eruptions occurred 300 years ago. The dry climate of Lanzarote means that the volcanic landscape has remained unchanged since then.

Gran Canaria: the sand dunes of Maspalomas

Dunes of Maspalomas
El Coleccionista de Instantes

The third largest island in the Canary Islands is Gran Canaria. One of the most popular destinations for European tourists, those who seek winter sunshine and charming and charming beaches. The beach displays images of warm oceans, sandy beaches, and stunning yellow sand dunes. Characterized by one of the most accessible sand dunes on Earth Gran Canaria.

Playa de la Tejita – the longest natural beach in Tenerife

Playa de la Tejita

Playa de la Tejita is the largest natural beach on Tenerife. Found on the south coast between Los Abrigos and ElMédano. Montaña Roja in the Western end. A huge rock that is dark red in the sun and dominates the landscape. Creating a special atmosphere in Playa de la Tejita.

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No buildings, restaurants or other services on the beach beside a small bar. This spacious black sand beach, which reserved for nature. The beach and the striking scenery perfect for a walk along the promenade. Sun worshippers who prefer remote places will appreciate it here. An excellent resting space the small rock configuration provides. Uninterrupted loneliness and prevents occasional winds.

Fuerteventura beaches are majestic

Fuerteventura beaches

Dark blue, bright or bright: these are the colors you can find on Fuerteventura Beach. Heading along the coast of the Canary Islands met much water sports enthusiasts on the beach. Strong winds and the interesting underwater world. Ideal for a variety of water sports in Fuerteventura. The place not just for water sports, also vacation packages. Nature lovers who enjoy the beauty and activities offered by Fuerteventura. Those who seek a thriving oasis perhaps It will only disappoint. The vast beaches and the ancient volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura.

The year, the Canary Islands mean whether in summer or winter. Enjoy dramatic landscapes and diversity through the mainland. Experience near-perfect temp…

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Why Must You Experience Florence Italy At Least Once In Your Lifetime?

Why go to Florence?

The town hides in the hills of Tuscany and casts a long shadow throughout history. A Renaissance fountain, Florence (or Florence) has a strong Medici family and artists inspired by Michelangelo (David) and Brunelleschi (Cathedral). If you are not a stylish Italian and a fashion store that runs through Tornabuoni. You may think you have passed the 14th century. The Renaissance art, not only the reason. You can visit the magnificent sunsets of Florence, Italian cuisine, and unparalleled romantic charm.

Best month
The finest season to see Florence from May to September when pleasant climate marks the competition opening. An open-air dinner and the Italian sun that influenced the Renaissance craftsmen. It brings a stifling climate, tourist groups, and high-priced hotels. If you visit in late autumn or winter, you will enjoy lower prices and shorter routes in Uffizi. But, the weather will not be hospitable and the temperature will drop to within 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best event in Florence

Piazza Della Signoria Square:
Loggia dei Lanzi, in Piazza Della Signoria, is an open-air museum (free). Designed by the architect and influential artist Orcagna in the fourteenth century. Under the curved arches of the building. Dozens of sculptures (including the rape of Sabinas de Giambologna and Cellini’s Perseus) attract many tourists and locals. Behind the Galleria degli Uffizi. It occupies the Piazza Della Signoria square with the (more than) sculptures, comprising a model of Michelangelo David.

You can wander, if it tires you, sit along Loggia dei Lanzi or head to the cafe near Neptune Fountain. Recent visitors say this a good place to see spectacular sculptures while they are tired of traveling.

Best Hotel In Florence, Italy

Experience Portrait Firenze, Florence, Italy At Least Once In Your Lifetime?

Florence Italy

Florence Italy
Image by Mariamichelle on Pixabay

Piazzale Michelangelo:
In the Oltrarno vicinity, Piazzale Michelangelo overlooks the city and is one of the most popular viewpoints in the city. If you are a new visitor, worth it. It knows this gorgeous plaza for its spectacular views and replicas of Michelangelo’s David. You can walk the way to the square (there’s a daunting staircase from Piazza Poggi). But recent visitors say the panoramic view of the city is unobstructed.

You can watch the sunset in an open-air cafe on the square. In addition, it has two gardens active in the spring with thousands of roses and irises. If you want to avoid the crowd, plan to arrive in the morning or evening.

Cathedral (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore):
The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (the Cathedral) is not only the religious center of Florence. But the city’s most famous attraction. In Piazza del Duomo in the heart of the city, they built this monumental Gothic cathedral in the 14th century. The ancient ruins of the Roman church Santa Reparata. When you stretch your neck and see the huge iconic dome of the church, you’re in the right place. The red tile dome designed by Brunelleschi and considered a must-see by experts and travelers alike.

Best Hotel In Florence, Italy

Experience Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Florence, Italy At Least Once In Your Lifetime?

CATEDRAL: Florence Italy

Florence Italy

Visitors love to joke they design the cathedral from the inside out. Its exterior design is complex, the design is impressive, and the interior simple. The main reason for the visit is to climb to the top of the dome (the roof). Where you will witness spectacular city views. (Please note no elevators, the narrow corridors need you to stand on one side, and people pass an opposite direction). But, if you interested in learning on the inside, you can take a guided tour.

Florence Italy

Florence Italy

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The cathedral is open to visitors on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 am, to 5 pm. Thursday at 10 am or 4 pm or 5 pm, the dome climbs from 8:30 am Monday to Friday. By 7:00 pm Saturday at 8:30 pm and 5:40 pm you climb 463 stairs. Best to get there as soon as it opens the door to beat the jams. The 24-hour OPA pass costs 15 euros ($18). It allows access to five monuments in Piazza Duomo, including the rise of the dome. You can hear mass and separate sacred rites. For more information, please see the Duomo page on the Florence travel site.

How to save money in Florence
Book a suburban hotel for a more authentic experience (not to mention cost-effective) book a hotel in the suburbs. Wake up to the splendor of the Tuscan hills and take a short train ride to the Renaissance Centre.
One or the other in the postcard view, paying a certain high rate to climb the top of the cathedral. The nearby baptistery offers around the same view price, but we prefer the cathedral. Get one and save a few euros.
Smart dinners are far from tourist attractions when you are hungry: the restaurants here are too expensive. Mercato Centrale and its surroundings are great places to find cheap Italian cuisine.

Experience The St. Regis Florence, Florence, Italy At Least Once In Your Lifetime?

Best Hotel In Florence, Italy

Florence Italy

Florence Italy
Image by Waldo93 on Pixabay

Culture and customs
In Italian culture, wonderful people so important. Means “wonderful personality”. This fascinating figure from one’s clothing to his behavior and manners: to the Italians, every life must be pleasant. It’s useful to choose phrases in Italian, even if you try to use language to earn points for Italians. If they notice you have a problem, they are more willing to help. In any store or restaurant, even if you buy nothing, pay tribute to the staff and say goodbye.

When you are in Florence, your biggest security issue is a pick-pocketing. Santa Maria Novella’s train stations often see much of pick-pocketing, as do city buses. Be cautious and monitoring your wallet or handbag will help keep your hands.

How to move Florence
The best way to explore Florence is by foot. You can walk from one end of the city to the other in 30 minutes, pass through many identifiable locations. Jumping on the ATAF bus is another opportunity. To reach the city, many tourists fly to Pisa’s Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA). Then take the train to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Then take the train to the main station Stazione di Firenze Santa Maria Novella. You can fly to small Amerigo Vespucci Airport (FLR) in Florence, take the bus or taxi to the city centre. A car renting not recommended because narrow one-way streets make driving a daunting task. Many areas downgraded pedestrians or allowed traffic only.

Experience Florence Italy At Least Once In Your Lifetime?

Entry and exit requirements
You need a valid passport to travel from the US to Italy. In Italy, US citizen UU. They must hold a passport valid for at least three months. Bt can stay in Italy for up to 90 days without a visa. Those who wish to stay longer should contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate.

A Renaissance fountain, Florence (or Florence) has a strong Medici family and artists inspired by Michelangelo (David) and Brunelleschi (Cathedral)…


This Week’s Top Stories About Malaria Symptoms

Comes from the malaria-affected region the past year and you develop flu symptoms or chills. Please tell your family doctor as soon as possible. May deteriorate malaria symptoms if misdiagnose, so important to get the correct treatment.

What is malaria?

Caused by parasites of the malaria parasite since malaria is a tropical infectious disease. Infected female Anopheles mosquitoes scattered, and if not diagnosed and treated, malaria can be fatal.

Where is common malaria?

Tropical and subtropical regions, malaria spread in over 100 countries and regions. The Anopheles mosquitoes reproduced. Including sub-Saharan Africa, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands. These areas, malaria transmission does not occur at high altitudes or in deserts.

What causes malaria?

When the infected female Anopheles squid bites, the Plasmodium parasite released into your body. When the parasite enters the bloodstream then enter the liver infection develops. The blood re-enters and infects red blood cells. Red blood cells Parasites, multiply releasing more parasites into the bloodstream cause them to explode. The symptoms parasites multiply worsen and spread.

Asia Urban Adventures: Culture Tour in Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda Visit

Uninfected female Anopheles mosquito bites an infected person. Infect and spread malaria to other itchy people. Cannot send from the person to a person since Malaria is not contagious. Can send through blood transfusions and shared needles. Can infect malaria to unborn babies from an infected mother.

What are the symptoms of malaria?

The incubation period of Malaria symptoms occurs 7 to 18 days after bitten and infected. Reach up to a year malaria symptoms develop. The Plasmodium parasite that infects you depend on the antimalarial drugs you take.

The symptoms of malaria similar to the flu and may include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Chills and sweating
  • General malaise
  • Loss of appetite
  • Coughing

A 48-hour cycle decides symptoms of Malaria. The onset of these symptoms lasts 6 to 12 hours, including three stages. Chills, fever and headache, and severe sweating and fatigue.

photo by NIAID from flickr

View Malaria Medicine

How can I prevent malaria?

Malaria prevention, avoid bitten by any mosquitoes. Two best ways to prevent malaria. One avoids being bitten by mosquitoes and taking anti-malarial drugs.

What drugs can treat malaria?

No malaria vaccines available prevention right things to do. Important to take anti-malarial medications before travel to reduce the chance of infection. Take the drugs proven effective. Malaria prevention necessary to avoid mosquito bites.

Know your destination if Antimalarial drug required. What malaria is present and whether the mosquito is resistant to certain antimalarial drugs. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist to make sure you can correct the medication. Pay close attention to each drug it owns a different description.

The most popular anti-malarial drugs:

  • Doxycycline
  • Paludrine / Avloclor
  • Malarone

Start your medication before you travel to make sure proper protection, so apply online now.

Comes from a malaria-affected region and learn infected, consult your family doctor no delay. Proper medical care Malaria can treat and cure.

photo by CDC Global Health from flickr


The content on this site is strictly informational and should not be considered medical advice. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The advertising and promotion of prescription-only medication in Europe are prohibited and unlawful.

The FDA requires a disclaimer for websites that do not support regular treatment.

This website is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, and advice of licensed medical professionals. The site provides people with medical information and informs them of their alternative medical options. But never assume that the site is a “medical practice.” This website not responsible for this material. Please note that due to various reasons, this website updates its content, so the information may be out of date. Statements on cancer replacement therapy have not tested by the FDA.

Products displayed on www.datraveler.com not approved medical devices (unless otherwise stated). It does not intend this product to treat or diagnose any disease. Advertisers make none claims for products. www.datraveler.com assumes as no representation or liability to the quality, security or efficacy of the advertising product. The information published on the advertiser’s website. www.datraveler.com encourages readers to view advertisers’ websites. Make informed decisions on the products they use, security, quality, promotional information and any claims made on the website.

Asia Urban Adventures: Culture Tour in Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda Visit

Learn why people from around the world flock to Myanmar, Yangon tour. Learn Myanmar’s unique traditions and culture by visiting pagodas, parks, museums, and markets.

What can you expect?

Start your trip with a local English-speaking guide in downtown Yangon. Go ahead to Chaukhtetkyi Pagoda, the home of a reclining Buddha. The Buddha one of the most honest Buddhas in the country and one of the largest Buddhas in Myanmar.

The Yangon cultural tour will continue through the local residential section. Next through Kandawgyi Park. Local guide share stories and anecdotes. Answer questions you may have the city’s local life. Proceeding to the Shwedagon Pagoda entrance. Rest for those who want a coffee break and sight-seeing.

The eastern pagoda entrance, you will meet a different local market. Gives you an idea of ​​important Buddhism in everyday life in Myanmar. Shopping to small market done. The long corridor to the pagoda platform next. A local guide shares a true story of Buddhist unique beliefs.

yangon pagoda dome

The pagoda’s magnificent golden dome located 98 meters above its pedestal. Acknowledge having covered with much of pure gold. Many gems such as jade, ruby, sapphires, and diamonds. The wonderful pagoda dome, one of the iconic places in the city. Ideal place to complete the traditional and cultural journey of Yangon City.

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The dome, pagoda temple explore time passed. Visitors return to the truck and return to the venue which takes 30 minutes. Stay in the pagoda, we invite you to do. When returning to the city center, transportation cost is your responsibility

yangon pagoda view
Jeff Pioquinto, SJ


  • Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Yangon.
  • Explore Chaukhtetkyi Pagoda and its revered Reclining Buddha.
  • Stroll through the local residential section and the remarkable Kandawgyi Park.
  • Marvel at the majesty of the Shwedagon Pagoda and its iconic golden dome.
  • When the sun sets on the golden pagoda, see the locals and monks give their dedication.

Start your trip with a local English-speaking guide in downtown Yangon. Go ahead to Chaukhtetkyi Pagoda, the home of a reclining Buddha. The Buddha one…

photo by gabriella levine from flickr


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