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Yerevan, Armenia: The cities best places you must visit!

You are a tourist and want to know where to go in Yerevan, Armenia, this list is for you. It may take 2-3 days for you to visit all these places, but you will not regret it. Yerevan, Armenia has a very rich culture because it is one of the oldest cities in the world. I will help you explore the cultural treasures of Yerevan, Armenia!

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Republic Square and National Gallery and Armenian History Museum
In Armenia, they considered Republic Square one of the 10 most beautiful squares in the world., I can’t find the source, but I agree with the statement. Republic Square is exciting. They built it between 1924 and 1929. Its architect is an outstanding Armenian architect A. Tamanyan, who also designed Yerevan. The National Art Gallery and History Museum, the Ministry of Territorial Administration of Armenia. Governor’s Palace, the Armenian Central Post Office, the Armenian Marriott Hotel, the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Energy surrounded the square. Natural resources of Armenia. At night, the square is beautiful because of the “dancing” fountain. The square is the love of the Yerevan couple.


One might think that Matenadaran-Ancient Manuscript Museum may be a boring place. However, this is only the first impression and the wrong impression. I am only 22 years old, so Matenadaran is great. Every book, every page contains a very interesting story. An example, Matenadaran’s heaviest book weighs about 34 kilograms. During the Armenian massacre, two sisters from Turkey carried it out. They cut the book into two sections, each weighing 17 kilograms, and then tied them on their bodies. One of them died while he was fleeing Turkey, and his belongings were lost. The other piece was put away. A few years later, the second part was rescued by a Russian soldier.

Believe me, Matenadaran’s walls are covered with other amazing stories. This is just one of them.
Sculptures of the brilliant thinkers of Armenia and Mesrop surround Matenadaran Mashtots; the inventor of the Armenian alphabet and his student Koryun stand in the middle.

The opera house is another magnificent building of the great A. Tamanyan. In the heart of Yerevan, it is indeed a work of art from the outside, but magnificent from the inside. One of the few opera houses in the world where they can represent Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida. But you know the Opera House has hosted Concerts by artists such as Charles Aznavour, John McLaughlin, and Emir. Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra, Ian Anderson, and many others. Freedom Square, which celebrated independence in Armenia in 1991, surrounds the Opera House. Now it has become a favourite place for most Armenians, couples, tourists, and of course protesters!


Tsitsernakaberd and the Genocide Museum
Tsitsernakaberd (Tsitsernakaberd) is a gathering place for Armenians to commemorate the victims of the Armenian genocide. Every April 24th, people from Yerevan, other parts of Armenia. Many representatives of the diaspora walk towards the eternal fire. They present flowers to commemorate the millions of people who lost their lives in the tragedy.

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For detailed information, photos, and other information about the Armenian Genocide. Please visit the Genocide Museum 30-40 meters from the monument.
However, Tsitsernakaberd is also a beautiful park where the Yerevan couple likes to hang out. This is a vast park with many trees. And because of the excellent location, you can enjoy the beautiful view from there at night!

The fortress of Arin Berd or Erebuni
This is the starting point of Yerevan and modern Armenia. They built it in the 8th century BC. C. Still alive today; it is one of the oldest fortresses in the world. It makes Yerevan one of the oldest cities in the world. Arin Berd in the Armenian translation means “Bloody Fortress”, although not that terrible. This fortress has great historical value. Therefore, if you are interested in archeology or history, this is the place you can’t miss!

Brandy Ararat Factory

Cascade and Cafesjian Museum
Cascade is my favourite. I went for coffee with my friends and continued for a walk with my girlfriend. Cascade is just a masterpiece of architecture. If you are lucky enough to see most of Ararat covered by clouds and invisible. Then from the top of the waterfall, you can see the most beautiful panorama of Yerevan and Ararat. Cafesjian with a museum decorated Cascade. There are many primitive statues there.
Of course, don’t miss the museum. This is a nice museum with statues and paintings of local and international artists.

Brandy Ararat Factory
Ararat is a symbol of Armenia, as is the Ararat brandy factory. Any brandy lover should realise that after France, the best brandy in the world produced in Armenia. But some people even prefer Armenian brandy to France. The Ararat Brandy Factory is an old high-quality brandy manufacturer and is the best brandy manufacturer in Armenia. It has an interesting story, too long to be introduced in this article. I suggest you visit the factory and taste brandy.

North Avenue
The North Street, built-in 2007, became another favourite place for . Tamanyan’s Yerevan city plan included Northern Avenue, but they did not build it.
It connects two famous squares in Yerevan: Republic Square and Freedom Square (where the Opera House is located).
Due to time constraints, compared to the Tamanyan project, it has undergone modernisation, and the building is too tall. Therefore, some people say that the face of the city is changing. Pointed out that because of the lack of trees, this is the “desert avenue.” Others said it was modern and happy to have an apartment there. Everyone likes to walk along this road with relatives, friends, and children.


Walking Tours

Parajeanov Museum
Until now, there are still many film fans who still remember the great Armenian film director Parajeanov. Because he is one of the world-famous geniuses in this field. Fellini, Tarkovsky, Vigo, Antonioni, Godard, and other talented directors recognise and respect Parajeanov as the mastermind of his style.
Your museum is great. You can find artist’s illustrations, drawings, dolls, and scripts. After the visit, you will have many wonderful memories.

Saryan Museum

Well, everyone who explores the world of art and painting should know Martiros Saryan because he is a talented painter. It is famous all over the world for displaying the power of colour. His paintings are very colourful and beautiful. It is too difficult to convey this beauty in words.
Then, visit his museum, where you can find many of his paintings. You will not regret staying in the museum for a second.

St. Lusavorich Church
Grigor Lusavorich-Gregory the Illuminator was the one who converted Armenians from pagans to Christianity. It makes Armenia the first country to become a Christian in 301 AD. We are proud to say that even after over 1,700 years of Christian suffering; we are still Christians.
They built the church in 2001, marking the 1700th anniversary of the birth of Armenian Christianity. It is a huge and amazing church, seen from many corners of Yerevan.

Surb Sargis Church
Surb Sargis (Saint Sergius) was a noble and brave commander who fought for ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Armenia, and Persia. He is always eager to help those in need, and his speed is incredible. He won all the battles he took part in. However, he was a Christian, so apart from Armenia (Armenia was a Christian country at the time). The other countries he fought for did not accept him. The leaders of Greece, Rome, and Persia tried to kill him. In the end, Shapur of Persia did it. Many attempts to persuade him to change his beliefs failed because Sarkis was very strong.

Saryan Museum

After his family converted to Christianity, he also married a Greek girl.
Surb Sargis is one of the most popular saints of Armenians. Armenians believe Sargis connects hearts like Valentine. Surb Sargis is the Armenian party in St. Valentine.
Its church is not the most beautiful and amazing. But it is the most popular church because of the history of Surb Sargis.

The Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque is the only mosque operated in. It built by the Persians in the 18th century, because the Persians occupied Armenia and were a region of Persia. During the Soviet era, because of secularist policies, the mosque ceased service and became a Yerevan museum. However, with independent Yerevan and the help of the Iranian government, this mosque became a mosque again.
This is an exquisite building. After the restoration, all decorations and buildings have preserved.

Religious sites

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