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europe geological history

World Continent General Considerations For Europe Geological History

World Continent General Considerations For Europe Geological History. Precambrian rocks exist in three basic tectonic settings. First a shield, such as the Baltic Sea Shield. A large space of ​​stable Precambrian rock that surrounded by later orogenic belts (mountain shapers).

The second is from the basement to the young Phanerozoic sediment coating (ie sediments have established since the start the Paleozoic). For example, the Precambrian base behind the sediments of the Russian platform, from the Baltic Shield Ural Mountains. Cambrian rocks stretched in the Phanerozoic sediments of southeast England.

Ukrainian block is a raised plot of the Precambrian basement, higher than the surrounding plain of young sediments. The third environment occurs as a relic (residual relief form) in younger orogenic belts. For example, Bohemian blocks of the Cambrian rock that have trillions of years in the Channel Islands. The English Channel and 16,000 billion years of rock. Which was the last Hercynian belt of the Paleozoic in the Middle Proterozoic period? In the Hercynian belt of Bavaria, detrital zircons can trace back to 3.84 billion years ago. But the origin of these rocks unclear.

World Continent General Considerations For Europe Geological History

Paleozoic sedimentary rocks occur in sedimentary basins such as the Russian platform. They never subjected to any period of orogenic movement. So still Caledonian and internal sediments of the Hercynian still flat, fossilized, or orogenic. Which deformed by bending and pushing, part of Recrystallized and experienced intruder of granite. In the sedimentary basin affected by the orogenic movement. A well-preserved discovery of Cenozoic sediments and Russian platforms, in the North Sea. Deformation, metamorphic heights in the alpine state scheme.

In chronological order

We can summarize the geological developments in Europe as follows. Ancient rocks (over 2.5 billion years old) are the oldest rocks of the Precambrian. It shows in the Baltic shields of the north, Ukraine, and northwest Scotland. Two major Proterozoic orogenic belts (ie, 2.5 billion to 541 million years). It extends to the central and southern shields of the Baltic Sea. So, the shield has a composite origin that has several remains of the Precambrian orogenic belt.

More or less 540 million to 500 million years ago, it opened a series of new oceans. The final closure produced the mountains of the Caledonian, Hercynian, and Ural belts. There is ample evidence that these belts developed through the tectonic plate. It disposes, and each belt has a history of hundreds of millions of years. Form the belt caused the supercontinent of Pangea; its fragmentation began 200 million years ago, forming a new ocean – the Tethys Sea.

World Continent General Considerations

The closure of the subduction block by the ocean 500,000 years ago led to alpine orogeny. For example, create an alpine orogeny, extending from the Atlantic to Turkey. It has many orogenic mountains (which stay as mountains). These include the Pyrenees, Swiss and Austrian Alps, Mountain Bética, Atlas Mountains. The Apennines, Dinara Alps the Taurus Mountains, and the Carpathian Mountains, and Bridges. During open Tethys (180 million years ago), the Atlantic Ocean opened.

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The Atlantic Ocean is still open along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge below the ocean. Iceland forms the mountain range at an altitude. The youngest tectonic movement in Europe represented by the current volcanic eruption in Iceland; volcanoes such as Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius; and earthquakes caused by current tensions between Eurasian and African plates, such as the Aegean region and the alpine scheme.


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