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West Virginia

West Virginia colorful history in the 17th century

West Virginia has a colorful history. Before the 17th century, large numbers of Indians inhabited this region of North America’s Atlantic coast. They found artifacts in every town. However, the early explorers of the land found few Indians there. Perhaps many Indians died of famine, disease, or tribal warfare.

British and French colonists explored and claimed the land in 1600. She named Virginia after the “Virgin Queen” Queen Elizabeth I. It remained a royal colony. Until they declared it an independent community in 1776. It became the tenth state in the United States in 1788.

Soon thereafter, the Civil War sparked conflict and divided the people of Virginia. In 1863, the eastern and western parts of Virginia separated. It Makes the 35th state in the United States, with Arthur I. Boreman as its first governor.

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It is within the Appalachian Mountains, hence the name “Mountain State”. It lies below Pennsylvania and Ohio and borders northeastern Kentucky to the west.

To date, the 24,077-square-mile state comprises 55 counties and has a population of 1.807 million people. According to the 2020 census of residents, ranking it 37th among U.S. states.

West Virginia

As of 2020, the most populous county was Kanawa County, with 181,014 residents. About 50,605 of them live in Charleston, Kanawa’s largest city and the capital of West Virginia.

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The majority (almost 95%) of Charleston’s population are white and non-Hispanic. With the rest being Black, American Indian, Asian Indian, and Hispanic.

West Virginia is one of the weakest states, along with Arkansas and Mississippi. It had the lowest median household income at $48,037, according to 2020 U.S. Census Bureau statistics.

One reason for its sluggish economy is the low level of education in West Virginia. Only 15.3% of its entire population completed college. However, West Virginia is also home to a long list of prestigious colleges and universities. This includes the prestigious West Virginia University in Morgantown.

Much of the place is mountainous, making it the perfect getaway for most nature lovers. The state prides itself on its rich biodiversity and spectacular landscapes. West Virginia is perfect for a variety of outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, camping, skiing, kayaking, and boating.

West Virginia’s climate is humid continental, which means it has variable weather patterns and variable temperatures. Summers are hot, except in the upper regions, while winters range from cool to cold.

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