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The 7 Parts of Lands and Sea the World Continent and Geography

The mainland, one of the largest tracts of land, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia, sized. (they sometimes consider Europe and Asia a single continent, Eurasia).

The size of each continent differs; Asia is five times that of Australia. Greenland the largest island in the world, only a quarter of Australia. The compactness of the continent is different. Africa’s coastline is the most regular, so the ratio between the coastline and the total space is the lowest. Europe is the most irregular and indented, and so far the coastline has the highest proportion of the total state.

The continent not distributed on the surface of the earth. If you draw a hemisphere map centered on northwestern Europe. You discover that most of the world’s surface in that hemisphere. Over, two-thirds of the Earth’s surface located north of the equator. Except for Antarctica, continents are wedge-shaped and the north is wider than the south.

Distribution the continental shelf and ocean basin on the Earth’s surface and distribute the main features of the geomorphology. One of the most interesting issues in scientific research and theorization. Among the many hypotheses provided as explanations are: (1) tetrahedral (four-sided) theory. Which the cooling soil forms a tetrahedron through spherical collapse; (2) The theory of proliferation, in which it connects the youngest rock to the older shield section. (3) Continental drift theory, in which it separates an ancient floating continent; (4) Convective current theory, in which the convection inside the Earth drags the crust to cause folding and mountain formation.

The 7 World Continent and Geography

Geological and seismological evidence accumulated in the twentieth century. Shows that the continental shelf “floats” in a layer of heavier matter, forming a layer that surrounds the earth. Each continent has a so-called shield space that formed between 2 billion and 4 billion years ago. The core part of ​​most other continents (most continents). The rocks of the old shield city are older in the center and younger at the edges. Showing that this accumulation method started very early.

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In North America, the entire fourth quarter of the continent, known as Canada or Lawrence. It characterizes Shield by an ancient rock that may have known as the Primitive Continent. In Europe, it locates the shielded city in eastern Scandinavia and Finland. The Guyana Plateau in South America is at the heart of the continent. Most of eastern Siberia has ancient rock supports, Western Australia and Southern Africa.

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