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Sweden Best cities a visitors like to see

Travel to Sweden: the best city
Sweden has three major cities: Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg. It has many other cities in the country, which are divided into three regions: central, southern, and northern Sweden.

Travelling to Sweden travel advice

Sweden has a long culture and history, which can trace back to the Viking era. They also influenced it by the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the early modern period. As well as the influences of Russia, Germany, Norway, and Denmark. In modern times, it is one of the freest and most developed countries in Europe. There are thousands of immigrants and refugees trying to live in Sweden again.

Sweden: Unrestricted borders open to travellers from the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and the United Kingdom. Citizens from countries outside the European Union and the Schengen area of ​​approved countries can enter. The list is updated regularly at Re-open EU.

Sweden Best cities

Stockholm is an international port city in the Swedish fjord. It has incredible shopping venues, first-class food, world-class hotels, world-famous music, and club scenery, and rich cultural life. Stockholm has a history of over 700 years and covers 14 islands in the Baltic Sea. You can see Stockholm on foot, by bus, car, bicycle, train or boat.

Stockholm has many beautiful palaces and castles. The royal family lives in the famous Drottningholm Castle. The beloved Crown Prince of Sweden Victoria (Victoria) married Prince Daniel Westling (Daniel Westling) on ​​the other side of Sweden.

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second-largest city. It used to be an industrial seaport, but today it is a venue for contemporary culture and international sports competitions. The Opera House built in 1994, and many of its museums have been redesigned.

Other Region

Gothenburg is also world-famous for its creative use of North Atlantic seafood in meals. Many restaurants only serve the best Swedish cuisine in Gothenburg. You can travel around Gothenburg by boat, ferry, car, bicycle, or on foot.

We consider Malmö Sweden’s gateway to the European continent. A port city in the south and directly connected to the rest of Europe by ferry and airlines. Especially Denmark, northern Germany, Norway, Poland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Malmö an interesting city because although it considered a metropolis, it looks small and comfortable.

Malmö is also a city where all immigrants in the country seem to be concentrated. Therefore, it is the most multicultural city of all cities in the country, with over 164 countries and 100 languages. The various restaurants, cafes, bars, and cultural events held in this city every year show this.

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Sweden Country


Other Areas
Northern Sweden, a rugged landscape with towering 4,000m lofty peaks, pine forests, polar bears, reindeer, glaciers, and sparkling pristine lakes. It found people in settlements in coastal areas. Most of this land a national park, there are many tourist opportunities for those brave enough to face the cold.

Central Sweden is the heart of Sweden, and it has flourished because of the influence of Stockholm and surrounding cities. This area of ​​Sweden is famous for its copper mines, Dalecarlian horses, and the famous painter Carl Larsson.

Southern Sweden is where most of Sweden’s population lives, composed of farmland, forests, and excellent resorts with a temperate climate.

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