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lodging levels

Staying at Different Lodging Levels

Staying at different lodging levels. It divided the hotel industry into three different categories: long-term accommodation, limited service, and full service. The exact hotel facilities that guests can expect will vary from hotel to hotel. There must be some basic elements at each level. This is a quick overview of the expectations for each lodging levels.

A long-term stay is a kind of long-term stay. These are popular with people who moved to a new area, are not ready, have yet to find a permanent residence. Prices are very low, but so are the facilities provided. Some properties are more comfortable than others, but most will only provide one bedroom.

In most cases, you will get a room, laundry facilities, and a parking space. Some high-end venues will own a swimming pool, but this is a reward. They are spotless places, but they only provide cleaning services once or twice a week. The reason they are cheaper is the lower management costs in terms of personnel.

The next category is hotels with limited services. The hotel facilities offered to vary because this is a competitive market with very high profits. Some of these hotels compete with full-service hotels, they will provide more convenient facilities than ordinary travel hotels.

Lodging Levels

Limited-service properties provide housekeeping services daily and may possess things like a gym or swimming pool. If they own meeting rooms, they will be tiny and limited. Some hotels with limited service now offer free breakfast to alienate other hotels that provide full-service guests.

Full-service hotels own the best hotel facilities, but the prices are much higher than in the first two categories. To get the best price, guests should look for properties near properties with limited services. It often forced them to lower their prices to fill the house.


Some examples of full-service hotels are Marriott, Hilton, and Crowne Plaza. Besides earning room points, limited-service loyalty programs are useless, and full-service hotels treat their highest-level VIP members as kings. Free breakfast, cocktail hour, and turndown service are just some benefits. A hotel should have an equipped gym, swimming pool (if possible), snack bar, full-service restaurant, banquet facilities, and special meeting rooms.

Travel lodging levels

All these types of accommodation facilities have their uses. If you want to pamper yourself, then a full-service hotel is your best choice. Their employees are trained (or at least should be trained) to make every guest’s wish come true. After all, guests pay for the full set of services and hold every right to expect it.

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