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Seoul Itinerary: Day Three Best Day Trip from Seoul to DMZ

South Korea has a long history. You must leave the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) to leave South Korea.

We share with you two ways to visit the DMZ from Seoul:

  • Take the DMZ train, or take a DMZ day trip.
  • The rest of the afternoon can rest and/or go to places missed two days before the trip.

Take the DMZ train
By bringing the DMZ train to the border with North Korea is one of the most interesting activities. Many tourists choose one of the bus tours to the infamous border between North Korea. It is also possible to take a train there.

The DMZ special train left Seoul for an hour and a half north and entered the demilitarized zone. Our last stop is Dorasan Station, which is the immigration point connecting the two North Koreas. The daily DMZ train is the only train that stops here. However, the station seems ready to board passengers on the next train to Pyongyang.

At Dorasan Station, DMZ train passengers can take buses to famous landmarks. Such as the Third Tunnel of Invasion, Dorasan Peace Park, and even the observation deck. To observe North Korea to further explore the DMZ. We starting from Seoul, all this is the most interesting day.


How to get there:

  • The DMZ train departs from Seoul Station on time at 10:08 AM from Wednesday to Sunday
  • The round-trip fare is 17,800 won.
  • Or spend half a day on a DMZ tour.

We signed up for this full-day DMZ and JSA tour. It canceled for discussions between North Korea and South Korea. Regret, we look forward to entering the Joint Security Area (JSA) meeting room near the border with North Korea. Hope to provide it again in the future or after a settlement between North Korea. Our Travel Agency re-arranged our half-day DMZ tour.

A day trip is still worth learning about the political history of North Korea and South Korea. This tour is accompanied by over 30 people and enthusiastic guides.

South Korea

This tour includes the following locations:

  • Imjingak Theme Park (Imjingak Theme Park): It is a quick stop to watch the Freedom Bridge. The train was destroyed during the war from the Gyeongui Railway Line.
  • Third Tunnel-Wear a helmet and go through the tunnel that North Korean soldiers dug into South Korea. If you are claustrophobic, it is best to avoid this attraction for the low ceiling. The road is steep and you can go back to the entrance, so take some time to walk. Before walking, you must put your school bag and mobile phone in the locker.
  • Doral Observatory-On a beautiful day, you can see a panoramic view of North Korea. The theater played a short video from the observatory platform, introducing specific landmarks in North Korea and South Korea.
  • Norasan Station: besides the above, you can also purchase special tickets for Norasan Station as a souvenir. Want to send postcards, you can buy a rubber stamp from Norasan station in the same area for souvenirs. The sign on the counter says that the passport can’t be stamped.
  • Ginseng and Amethyst Jewelry: These are the must-see souvenir shops you must pass through during your travels. It is speculated that Korean ginseng is better than in other Asian countries.


How to get there: Depending on your travel agency, there will be different meeting points. Please contact your travel agency for more instructions.

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)Sightseeing Tours
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