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Seoul Itinerary Day Four, Day Trip from Seoul to other Best Cities

On the fourth day, we set off for a day trip from Seoul. There are many options for day trips, exploring nature, or visiting nearby cities. Choose one place you want to see the most.

Go hiking to Bukhansan National Park
Bukhansan is a vast national park bordering the north of the capital. The park is an ideal day trip on a sunny day. Hiking in the park’s mountains can be very laborious. But once you reach the top of the mountain, you forget your muscle soreness. You can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the towering granite peaks and the Seoul skyline. There are many interest rate hikes to choose from, some of which are more demanding. The national park website has an excellent overview. You want an English map of the visitor center. You can enter the national park for free and pay a small fee.

How to get there:

  • Dobongson Station (Line 1 or 7), a 10-minute walk from Weondobong entrance.
  • If you are coming by car, please stop at Zhengling Visitor Center.
  • There is a parking charge.

Visit the toilet museum in Suwon
This is an odd attraction: visit the Bath Culture Museum in Suwon, a suburb of southern Seoul. It is known as Mr. Toilet House and was founded by Sim Jae-duck (Mr. Toilet). The man was so fascinated by the toilet and its importance to people’s lives. He designed his house to look like a toilet.

Day Trip

In the garden, outside the garden, visitors can learn about the various toilets of all ages and around the world. There are many examples dotted in the garden. Many of which are equipped with life-size statues, with graphic details to show how to use them. This is interesting. If you travel with children, they will like it.

How to get there: Suwon Station (Subway Line 1). Ask the tourist information center for the tour bus to the museum, or take a taxi.

Visit Incheon Chinatown
Do you want to see Korea’s Chinatown? Spend a day in Incheon, neighboring Seoul city. Stroll in the Chinatown area, stroll in Jaya Park (Jaya Park), and taste jjajangmyeon, a Korean-style black bean paste noodle. In Songwon-dong Fairytale Village, admire the princess’s whimsical street art, fairy tales, and sculptures. From Chinatown, take a short bus ride to Wolmido Island. Admire the fascinating sights or take a stroll in the traditional Wolmi Park.

How to get there: Subway Line 1 Incheon Station

Explore the peaceful Gapyeong area
is a quiet and beautiful area surrounded by lush mountains and a magnificent resort away from the major city. The principal attractions in the area are Gapyeong Railway Park, Nami Island, Petite France, and Garden of Morning Calm. You can do these tasks in one day. But if you travel alone (rather than traveling), you need to make some planning.

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Seoul South Korea

The railway park is a great opportunity to ride a scooter in the countryside. You love Korean drama, please go to Nami Island. This is a romantic place for walking, you may pass by shooting locations. The next stop is Petite France, a French-style theme park/cultural village with the theme of Le Petite Prince. Wander through one of the most beautiful gardens, in the quiet Garden in the morning, to end the day. After a long day, you return to Seoul.

How to get there: There are several ways to reach Gapyeong Station by subway. Click on the link above to see various ways to get to Gapyeong. Otherwise, please arrange a trip to Seoul.

Stroll in the abandoned Yongma Land Park if you visit Gapyeong in a DIY way. You might be interested in seeing an abandoned theme park in Yongma Park. Although the park has been closed, it is still open to the public. You can take unique photos of the attractions of the amusement park and the area for only about 5,000 won. It is not as creepy and broken as you think.

Seoul Cities

How to get there:

  • Exit 1 of Miyako Station on the Gyeongui Jungang Line.
  • Walk or take a taxi to the park.

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