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sarande albania

Sarande Albania: The best place for a coastal excursion

The name of the beautiful City of Sarande Albania has changed throughout history. To reflect the influence of different cultures in the area. The name came from the Byzantine monastery to commemorate the forty martyrs of Sebaste. Later renamed Aya Sarande under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. During the reign of Venice, Sarande called Santi Quaranta. Not renamed Porto Edda until the Second World War in honour of Mussolini’s daughter. After World War II, Albania declared its independence from Italy, and they changed again the name.

Sarande is in the Albanian Riviera, with a pleasant Mediterranean climate, mild winters, and dry and hot summers. This is the best cruise port for the peaceful coexistence of Albanian and Greek cultures. Which can see in integrating Albanian and Greek architecture?

The first stop of this picturesque city should be the Forty Saints Monastery, they name the city after. They built their monastery to commemorate 40 Roman soldiers who refused to give up their religion and were sent to Siberia. They built the monastery in the sixth century and have two floors. The second stage was destroyed during World War II. You can see the basement of the monastery, but you must get special permission from the city hall.

Leave Sarande Albania for Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just 20 kilometres from the hotel. Then stop on the way to admire the centuries-old Likursi Castle’s section built to protect invaders of the ocean. A magnificent view of Corfu Island and Ionian Sea,

Sarande Albania

Butrint, which was first listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was a military settlement. Augustus, the first Roman emperor, established a port thereafter defeating Antony and Cleopatra. Butrint’s medieval history characterised by the power struggle between the opposing empires of Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, and Venice. Both cities have left their cultural traces in this city, which made Butrint’s presence in Saskatchewan. It was interesting during a coastal excursion in Sarande Albania.

Know Before You Go

The entire area around Butrint is a national park. With Roman villas, unspoiled nature protecting the huge national and cultural heritage of the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian castle.

Lord Rothschild and Lord Sainsbury raised funds to finance Butrint’s archaeological excavations. For example, the Greco-Roman theatre still stands, but the floor is full of water, and turtles and fish live here. Or the baptistery of the sixth-century church. They decorate the Roman mosaic floor of the church with peacocks, creepers, birds, and wine tanks. Such as the original Roman private pool, the Acropolis, the well of the Greek goddess. The temple of Aesculapius, and the city walls. -But most of the excavation work has not yet started.

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To the north of Sarande Albania (about 90 minutes by car). There is the well-preserved Ottoman town of Giro Castella, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is worth a visit, including the one departing from Sarande Full-day tour. It is at the crossroads of several important European and Mediterranean trade routes. Protected by the mighty Gjirokastra Castle, which today is a military museum. The city was built on a hillside and known as the “City of a Thousand Steps”. But it is picturesque, with unique ancient stone houses clustered on narrow cobblestone streets.

Coastal Excursion

After enjoying the beautiful view of the sea from the top of the mountain. Head to the town hall to visit the 5th-century ruins of the Oncheasmos Jewish community. Which once housed a community center, school, and synagogue. Most buildings are destroyed by earthquakes and intruders. But some mosaic floors with animal patterns, candlesticks, and other Jewish symbols can still look at between the tiles. The city of Sarande is an ideal stopover for sailing in the Mediterranean.

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