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World Continent General Considerations For Europe Geological History

World Continent General Considerations For Europe Geological History. Precambrian rocks exist in three basic tectonic settings. First a shield, such as the Baltic Sea Shield. A large space of ​​stable Precambrian rock that surrounded by later orogenic belts (mountain shapers). The second is from the basement to the young Phanerozoic sediment coating (ie sediments have […]

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Europe Part Of The Seven Continent World Map And History

Europe the second greatest continent in the earth. It comprises the peninsula west of Eurasia (a large piece of land shared with Asia). Accounting for one-fifth of the world’s total land space. It limits the north and the Arctic Ocean. The West and the Atlantic Ocean. South (from the West to the East) Mediterranean Sea, […]

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World Continent General Considerations For Africa Geological History

World Continent General Considerations For Africa Geological History. The African continent comprises five ancient Precambrian cratons, Kaapvaal, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Congo, and West Africa. Which formed 2 billion to 3.6 billion years ago and have been stable since then; These cratons limited by the young crease bands formed between 2 billion and 300 million years ago. […]

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Africa Part Of The Seven Continent World Map And History

Africa is the second continent (after Asia), accounting for one-fifth of the total land space of ​​the Earth. The western part of the continent borders the Atlantic Ocean borders the Mediterranean Sea in the north. The Red Sea and the Indian Ocean in the east, the Atlantic Ocean in the south. Total land space in […]

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Asian Geological History And General Considerations

Asian Geological History And General Considerations. Asia is not only the largest continent on the planet but the youngest and most complex continent. Although development began four billion years ago in Asia. Higher than half of the continents are still active in the earthquake. Producing arcs of the new continental material technique in the eastern […]

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Asia Continent Part Of The World Map And History

Asia the greatest and most diverse continent in the world. It occupies the fifth eastern part of the vast continent of Eurasia. Asia is more of a geographical term than a homogeneous continent. Possible to use this term to describe such a vast zone to hide the huge differences between the regions. Asia has the […]

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Datraveler : Visit The Best Region 2019

The year of travel destinations, travel expert Lonely Planet announced their list of “ the best region 2019”. Have the 10 lists of the best regions worldwide. The most important regions we shared with spectacular landmarks and culinary heritage. Need inspiration of where to travel this year, follow Lonely Planet list of 10 best regions […]

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Datraveler: Visit Best Country 2019

Planning desperate to travel. Affordable and convenient countries to transport, and these countries can visit these top 10 countries. 10 best countries to visit in 2019 Several sources your next vacation can inspire that, you can’t trust every source. Lonely Planet Travel Experts facilitated the cumbersome course of selecting the best country destinations. A list […]


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An important part of people’s lives travel. Happy to say you have enjoyed a fulfilling life if you travel much. Vacationing abroad from time to time is a key feature that can bring happiness. Fun as traveling, and sometimes difficult to choose the destinations that is best for travel. Visit many wonderful destinations that may […]

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When choosing a vacation, something attracts a group of travelers. May not interest another group of people. Plenty of destinations to choose from around the world. Narrowing the choice a great challenge. Take into account the places of interest, culture, food scenes. Accommodation options and the value of money. Relevant opinions of readers and experts, […]