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Get Ready Fast For Fall Leaf Viewing Trips

Whether it’s a driving tour, a cruise or a bus, leaf viewing is a great way to spend a fall vacation. It’s big tour business and they are many options. As you dream of that hot apple cider on a crisp afternoon do a quick checklist before you leave home so you’re ready for any weather. If you’re prepared, then you need to do is focus on having a fun and relaxing time.

Prepare by taking out your favorite sweater. Think “chilly.” Pick one you can use outdoors and under a rain jacket or sit inside by a warm fire. It’s the chance into socks after a summer in sandals. A few pairs of them should be on your list. Pack four pair and add a fifth one that is wooden or made for winter.

Layer clothes are paramount for fall trips outdoors. The sudden sunny blow in the midday versus puff chilling mornings can overwhelm anyone. A nice lightweight fleece top with a windproof jacket works well. Pack both.

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While we think of blue cloudless skies on an autumn afternoon, the chance of rain is high so pack a rain suit. A jacket with a hood and pants are best. When outside the whole day in the wet and damp, it’s important to keep dry over for comfort and a complete rain suit is the answer. Today’s styles and fabrics come in many colors and patterns so you can be stylish and comfortable.

Leaf Viewing

Add a small folding umbrella to your bag. Raincoats are fine but unless its whole length with a zip liner, stormy weather can felt downright uncomfortable by mid-afternoon. It’s miserable by evening unless warm head to toe. An umbrella can help.

Pack a warm hat and gloves. Comfortable shoes are a must and if they are waterproof, it’s a big plus at this time of year.

Your camera equipment needs to be in great working order so go through it at home before you leave. Take backup batteries and memory cards. The film may buy along the road if you want to travel light. Double-check your camera bag and make sure it’s moisture-proof. Avoid taking a brand new camera since untried can miss these great photos you’ll want to show off once you get back home.

But you are traveling you’ll be on the move, always more than you imagine, since you have to be outdoors to see the foliage. Being free in your quest will let you greater power and flexibility. Pack light and put your items into a single, carryable, soft surface bag. Take a day bag for those routine viewing picnics and make sure you put inside a bottle of drinking water. Take prescriptions in original bottles and pack more than you will need. Binoculars not required but can be a great joy if you catch birds migrating or wildlife eating before the early snowfall.

Leaf Viewing

As long as you have the right equipment you can travel everywhere anytime of the year. See you on the road!

Fast For Fall Leaf Viewing Trips

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