Those who explore romance know Europe evokes a distinct charm. Based on considerations such as couple-friendly accommodation, attractions, meals, and expert opinions and reader votes. We identified the best places for newlyweds in Europe Honeymoon Destination. 

Europe Best Honeymoon Destination

Greece (independence in 1832) and Italy established diplomatic relations after the reunification in Italy in 1861. … In early 1912, during the Italian-Turkish War, Italy occupied the Dodecanese Islands where the Greeks lived in the Aegean Sea since the Ottoman Empire.

1. Santorini

Why go to Santorini
A large-scale volcanic eruption occurred around 1650 BC. Forced the center island to explode and succumb to the sea. People say the original residence of the lost city of Atlantis, long ago disappeared in the depths of the ocean. This fabulous metropolitan ruin now protected by stunning beaches and majestic white houses. Today, it makes Santorini two inhabited islands and several small islands. Most visitors spend time in Thira, the largest island in the archipelago, with major cities in Santorini Fira, and Oia. Sleepy Thirassia is a relaxing day trip. Don’t calculate on private islands: it’s worth exploring Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni.

Your first order in Santorini is to visit the colourful beaches: black and red beaches are unforgettable. Then, enjoy the well-preserved archaeological cuisine of the ancient Akrotiri. Visit the ancient Thera to see the remains of the three empires including the Romans. From there, you can admire the breathtaking views of the crater. A sparkling turquoise pool at the heart of the island’s chains. The people narrate, you only need one day to enjoy the charm of these islands. They are the popular port of the cruise ship. But to drink everything Santorini offers, you need a few days to a week. Enough opportunity to understand more these comely features of Cyclades than meets the eyes.

Best month to make your Honeymoon Destination

The best time to visit Santorini is from September to October and from April to May. These months the weather warm and the crowd is scarce. Every Cyclades, Santorini hosts most visitors during the summer. So if you plan to be between June and August, you must book a few months in advance. Looking for bargains? When trying to winter, house prices drop. Remember the largest for this season is only 50 (not suitable for sunbathing) and much precipitation in the field. But, the rain makes the spring very gorgeous (and warm). Although tourists will invade the islands in May, there will few people in the spring.

Europe: The Best Honeymoon Destination For Couples

Santorini’s best activities
1. Kamari Beach
The volcanic history of Santorini has led the forming of unique beaches on the Greek islands, and Kamari no exception. Around 4 km southeast of Fira on the east coast of the island. This black sand beach is one of the largest beaches in Santorini. It set the beach against the backdrop of the city. A popular tourist complex where you can find many hotels, restaurants, beach bars and shops. On the beach, visitors can use sun loungers and parasols.

Honeymoon Destination
Photo by Artiom Vallat on Unsplash Greece

Travelers enjoy the transparent blue waters of Kamari and recommend turning their feet towards the south of the coast. Because of the majestic hills of Mesa Vouno, where you can find the ancient Thira. It makes the perfect Greek environment for the beach. Regardless of where you start on Kamari Beach, bring protective shoe travelers advice. Sand and cobblestone floors can get boiling as the sun sets, after a few hours. So if you want to spend a day on the beach, bring sandals. The tourists even suggested bringing water shoes. Commenting that the underwater terrain on the shore passed from the sand to the sturdy, slippery rock.
Kamari is available to visit day and night, they do not allow swimming if any lifeguard. You can walk to Kamari Beach from Kamari or take the KTEL bus from Fira.

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Why go to Tuscany
When the film “The Tuscan Sun” created in 2003. Tuscany is a romantic place, from Chianti, olives, aromatic cooking, and it embeds the sun. Our brain. Today, many tourists travel to this glorious section of northwestern Italy. To escape the hustle and bustle of Rome or Milan and enjoy the Italian countryside. Converting the castle into a winery, elegant cypress trees, the hills and the vast vineyards of the castle are paradise.

The Best Honeymoon Destination at Nearby Hotels in Tuscany

The lack of hard struggle and pleasant places, time shows to have disappeared in this place. Any better way to relax instead of sipping a glass of wine or eating homemade noodles in the Tuscan sun?
Best month For couple Honeymoon Destination
The best time to visit Tuscany is from the end of September to October and from April to May. During these months, travelers will find pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds at major attractions. As expected, summer marks and start high temperatures and crowds. If you want Tuscany, please visit during the cool winter, but wait for the chill and heavy rain.

Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, Montalcino, ItalyRosewood Castiglion del Bosco, Montalcino, Italy
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3. Corfu

Why go to Corfu
As the backdrop to Homer and Shakespeare’s epic stories, Corfu (known as Korfu or Kerkyra) continues to attract tired travelers who seek to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From the lush green landscape and the aroma of olives and citrus in the nearby woods, you can end any stress. The long cobbled beach at your feet or the blue waves of the Ionian Sea feels you are in heaven.

Europe: The Best Honeymoon Destination For Couples

Thousands of miles of coastline and picturesque beaches attract visitors to Corfu every year. Whether you are looking for a tranquil beach and calm waters or a pebble beach and many services nearby, you can find it in Corfu. After enjoying a few days of fun in the sun, take time to explore the island’s unique historical and religious attractions. Many major attractions, such as the Palaio Frourio (the old castle) and the Asian Corfu Art Museum, concentrated in Corfu. When you are ready to venture to the west side of the island, you will find unique attractions such as the Paleokastritsa Monastery and the rescue of the Corfu Deer.

Best month for your Unforgettable Honeymoon Destination
The best time to visit Corfu is from April to May and from September to November. Although there has never been an inferior season in the Mediterranean, you find that the temperature in winter is too cool to swim along the coast of Corfu, and in summer it attracts many tourists. But, the shoulder seasons gives a warm, sunny weather and loads of open-plan hotel rooms (and offers discount prices), not to mention exciting special events such as carnival.

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