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best region 2020

Datraveler: Visit Best Region 2020

Welcome to the Best Region 2020! From up-and-coming destinations to old favorites with a new reason to visit, this guide has our pick of the best places in the region to travel in 2020.

Add these regions to your 2020 bucket list, and visit any of the Best Region 2020 we’ve picked. Without further ado, here’s our list of the best region in 2020 to travel this year.

1. Central Asian Silk Road

The Central Asia Silk Road, a region once rich by business and tourists. Has once again become the center of world attention. The ancient city, the bustling bazaar and the wild landscapes of Central Asia. Attract more and more tourists to explore one of the most famous tourist routes in history. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan now give visa-free. Or e-visa access for citizens in the world the region is moving towards a centralized “Silk Road” visa. At the equal time, under the vigorous promotion of China ’s “Belt and Road” initiative. Huge investments in transport and foundation. Have made travel on the modern Silk Road more convenient than ever.

2. Le Marche, Italy

It seems that the alternative is finally ready to take office. Although the main role is to play superstar neighbor Tuscany. Italy’s Le Marche region has the same rich repertoire. You can place the city at the top of the mountain. Take part in a food festival, glorious Renaissance palaces.

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Best Region 2020

Winding fields and comfortable beaches in the same style. But its advantages are little known. In 2020, when the picturesque city of Le Marche, Urbino, leads a celebration. To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of the great Renaissance painter. The local boy Raphael gets better, spotlight Will shine here.

3. Tōhoku, Japan

Japan will outrage in 2020 as the world will come to Tokyo for the Summer Olympics. No country in the region is more eager to join the party than Tokuhoku.

The country recovery mode since the devastation of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The small tourist strip of the country has to work to re-establish transport links. develop new long-distance hiking trails, and rebuild and improve tourism facilities. Tohoku is already well-known in Japan for its spectacular natural landscapes. Cultural heritage, historical festivals, cuisine, and warm welcome. It is providing fresh air for tired tourists. It only takes a few hours by train to reach the northeast of the capital.

4. Maine, USA

New England’s largest state has always been proud. But this year’s love of “resorts” will peak, and Maine celebrates its bicentennial. Throughout the region, the town organizes special exhibitions concerts and festivals. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the PRC.

Best in datraveler 2020

Of course, even if Maine doesn’t celebrate an important milestone, it’s still a good time to visit it. The culinary world has exploded in recent years. Throughout the state, you’ll find restaurants from farm to table. Coffee roasters, artisan bakers and craft brewers. Despite Maine’s growing popularity, the state’s vast forests and spectacular lighthouse-covered coastlines. Make it easy to escape the crowd.

5. Lord Howe Island, Australia

This beautiful island parked in the central region. 600 kilometers off the coast of Australia. Its impressive beauty has declared a World Heritage Site. With an immediate impact on the senses. Two tall green mountains overlook the perfect lagoon. The southernmost coral reef in the world. Perfect beach croissants and magnificent hiking trails through lush forests. Increase the possibility of bright outdoor activities.

The volcano was once isolated, making it a refuge for many endemic species and rich bird life. The island is a shining example of sustainable tourism. Only 400 visitors allow at any event and they urge them to take part in a range of ecological schemes. Lord Howe’s remoteness and controllable scale deliver it a pleasant flight.

6. Guizhou Province, China

Guizhou is a province with strong winds and waves. Its capital, Guiyang, is a city with a population of more than 4 million. (larger than the urban population of Los Angeles, Rome, and Berlin). At dusk, the streets are full of street food stalls. A plate of spicy rice noodles will cost a few pennies. But in the alleys, handicraft shops, coffee shops, and handicraft shops are open. In the countryside, the faltering wooden village.

Best in datraveler 2020

Has remained almost unchanged for centuries but has begun to serve travelers. All of them connected by new high-speed rail lines. Which means you can from Guiyang to Chongqing or Kunming in a few hours. China’s uninterrupted engineering work has led to many new roads and bridges. Making entering and entering the mysterious mountains of Guizhou a 21st-century effort.

7. Cádiz Province, Spain

With a range of culinary delights, the province of Cadiz has become the focus of attention. Jerez de la Frontera, Queens of the Jerez Triangle. Welcomes her first Michelin star in 2018, by Juan Luis Fernández LÚ. Cocina y Alma restaurant and its 20th century. The cigar fired by the new entrepreneur. Even sherry is popular again!

Best in datraveler 2020

In Santa maria, Aponiente de Ángel León. One of two or three Michelin-starred restaurants Andalusia. Step on his heel is Lionel’s Alevante in Santa Cruz. Vejer de la Frontera has become a gourmet center and boutique hotel. While cafes, restaurants, and last-minute accommodations. All fresh in the Phoenician city of Cadiz vitality. Add a new flight to Jerez to discover the area.


With South America’s most impressive waterfalls, rich regional history. Extraordinary wildlife observations, northeast Argentina should be the first choice for all. Of course, here is the famous Iguazu, one of the seven wonders of nature in the world. But, the rest of this rugged and temperate region will set you apart. Iberá National Park was only created in 2018. Poise to become one of Argentina’s largest attractions.

Best in datraveler 2020

This is an inspiring success story about how restoring nature. Has a positive impact on neighboring communities. Wild safari is moving from green-winged macaws to native wildlife. The South American Prairie, deer, and jaguar. Moreover, the country remains of great value to travelers.

9. Kvarner Gulf, Croatia

This little-known area on the Croatian coast. Sits between the tourist spots of Dalmatia and Istria. Has accumulated itself in the fields of cooking and environmental protection. The past decade reputation Kvarner Gulf now prepared for its prospects. Its main settlement is the sandy port city of Rijeka. Which includes the role of the European Capital of Culture 2020. New highlights include architectural reusable space cultures for museums and centers. Perhaps, the secondary role, but ready to snatch the show is the Gulf Islands. Which have timeless beauty, a historic walled city full of Venetian-era architecture? Many beaches, and considerable charm.

10. Brazilian Amazon, Brazil

The Amazon River in Brazil is the purest natural world. An ancient place with multi-colored wildlife. Knotted and chaotic plants, which is almost hallucinogenic. This misty jungle is home to some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna. A community that has been the steward of this green expanse of land for centuries. As the Earth’s climate changes.

Best in datraveler 2020

The protection of Brazil’s Amazon River has become crucial. By 2020, a planned trip to the most important forests on Earth. Support sustainable travel efforts benefiting local communities and the national economy. Highlighting the cultural and monetary value of conservation. Restoring nature has a positive impact on neighboring communities. Wild safari is moving from green-winged macaws to native wildlife. The South American Prairie, deer, and jaguar. Moreover, the country remains of great value to travelers.

Image by Hans Schwarzkopf from Pixabay





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