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best country 2019

Datraveler: Visit Best Country 2019

Planning desperate to travel. Affordable and convenient countries to transport, and these countries can visit these top 10 countries.

Several sources your next vacation can inspire that, you can’t trust every source. Lonely Planet Travel Experts facilitated the cumbersome course of selecting the best country destinations. A list of candidates by listing the top ten countries to visit in 2019. Plan your next trip in your home sitting in a comfortable chair, now you can.

Flight Motel, Los Angeles (CA), United States

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Choose Sri Lanka Hotels

Sri Lanka

Best Country 2019

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The moment of the equatorial sun, Sri Lanka is changing. What has attracted attention is the brave traveler? Blends religion and culture, its timeless temples, rich and accessible wild animals. Its thriving surf scenes and its popularity after decades of internal conflict. People, who challenge the possibilities, a resurrection country? Today, families, adrenaline addicts, ecotourists, health seekers, and all budget foodies are more than ever. The north and east, including banned areas, are difficult to reach or lack services and new discoveries provided.

Best Country 2019

Choose Hamburg, Germany Hotels


Best Country 2019 Germany

An innovation, Germany has extensive force long ago. Has provided the world with printing machines, cars, aspirin, and other inventive milestones. A small school in the Thuringian countryside 100 years ago launched an influential aesthetic movement. Can still feel its response, today: Bauhaus. Taken part in the one-year midwife party established in Weimar in 1919. Prospered in Dessau and rejected by the Nazis in Berlin in 1933. Will open new museums and dozens of events and exhibitions across Germany in these three cities.


Choose Zimbabwe Hotels


Best Country 2019 Zimbabwe

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Headlines for all the wrong reasons although it may be. Has been a country that has commented by field travelers, Zimbabwe. The safest destinations in Africa, not only is it one. Has friendly locals, five national parks, world heritage archaeological sites, forested mountains and the mighty Victoria Falls. May have killed unscrupulous optimism after Robert Mugabe’s reign, the controversial 2018 election. The country’s hopes among Zimbabweans stay strong. The visit here as a sign of their new dawns, locals saw as usual.


Choose Panama Hotels



Welcome to the crossroads of the Americas. Celebrate tropical biodiversity the north meets the south in Panama. Celebrates at the world-famous biological museum. The east meets the west, through the expansion of world trade. The world’s largest cargo ship passes through the renovated Panama Canal. Has so many treasures in a small country dear Panama. White sandy beaches to tropical forests, misty plateaus, and indigenous culture still under the radar. Commits Panama City to celebrate, marking its 500-year history in 2019. Will not miss a harsh leap year. Long live in Panama!

Choose Kyrgyzstan Hotels



Kyrgyzstan’s development in the world’s tourism industry looks to have occurred. The 2018 World Nomadic Games after the turmoil. Dedicated to its traditional (and extravagant) regional sports a central Asian competition. Visit time has never been better hiking trails marked exceed 2,700 km. Has an impulse to public-managed tourism products, the entire country. A new national road method has reduced transit time. Those countries above with no visas, over 60 countries for the people. A simplified e-visa program, but do it now. Looking for unspoiled natural splendor Kyrgyzstan is becoming a favorite of independent travelers.

Choose Jordan Hotels


Jordan Ruins

Do you love escapade? a new recipe: find a 650-kilometer-long path and reserve 36 days (42 rest stops) to walk; release a stunning rift landscape, undulating canyons, turn green after flooding; add View of the lowest point of the earth (the Dead Sea) and the Bible disaster (Sodom); scatters seasonal wildflowers on the cross castle; joint with the unstoppable Jordanian optimism of health suggestion, you have it: Jordan Trail, the last of the country dish. Test the difficulties of this epic route in the parcel’s head.

Choose Indonesia Hotels



Bali Indonesia

Indonesia’s length is long, from the new ECO-resorts that meet the Somali orangutans to tribal traditions of Papua. Form the archipelago a mixture of culture, cuisine, and religion across over 17,000 islands. Provides a kaleidoscopic experience. Which found in the Pacific Fire Ring and surrounded by volcanoes. Have hit recent earthquakes areas of Indonesia. The response to these natural disasters is continuing, but much of this country still safe for tourists. Exploring this tropical country has never been easier. The large-scale investment in new air, land, and sea connections. The visa-free entry of citizens in the last 169 countries. Act now before you discover all the secrets.

Choose Belarus Hotels


Minsk, Belarus

Image by Zdeněk Fekar from Pixabay

Belarus a beacon for those seeking darkness, and because of the visas. The relaxed demands of art venues and cafes, and celebrate of the locals, as in 1999, they calmed down. Center Minsk, where it should arrive and leave. The new 30-day method use without a visa. Impeccable Old Town centered on the elegant Katusha (city hall). Join the noisy summer street party, the night revelers leave the bierstube and modern cocktail bar. has become the center of world events and summits center Minsk. Next: The 2019 European Games.

Choose Sao Tome & Príncipe Hotels

Sao Tome & Príncipe

Sao Tome and Principe

Image by LMS Serra from Pixabay 

Bold places to visit where no one has been, brave explorers have looking. A rare opportunity, few travelers ever heard. The two island islands in the Gulf of Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe, are now calling. Don’t ignore it. Rise in the sky surrealist landscapes, tropical waters kiss on open beaches. Relics from colonial sugar, cocoa, and coffee plantations the jungle consumes to the island’s past slave trade. Hiking through the forest. Mountain climbing or diving into the sea, you will find many endless treasures.

Choose Belize Hotels



Turtle, Belize

Its Caribbean coast borders the world’s second-largest barrier reef. Fill its interior with the most extensive and accessible cave systems in Central America. Mixed-race people, Maya, Garifuna, Creole, An exotic mixture of Medini and expatriates. Works hard, many travelers to put Belize on the map, but, the trend is changing. Its unique marine environment the government is working hard to protect. New ECO-resorts are taking benefits of the country’s impressive jungles and caves. That parts of Central America travelers find them fresh, safe, and easy to reach. Come here before the inevitable crowd.

Choose Hotels Manila

Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Image by lineofxite from Pixabay 

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Manila – the capital of the Philippines, its core and soul, in Manila. Establishes rhythm of life in this archipelago and is a pulsating center. Picturesque and modern, ordinary and extraordinary, that combines the East and the West.

The banks of the Pasig River, Manila was born in the ashes of a bustling Malay settlement. Established loyal city Manila’s by Miguel López de Legazpi in 1571, until 1898. When it became the seat of Spanish colonial rule in Asia. Built the city wall inside the city, and he named it Intramuros.

Heart of over 7,000 islands in the Philippines, Manila as a major tourist destination. The Asian Performing Arts Center.


Choose Hotels Boracay

Beach – Boracay – Aklan

Boracay Beach Philippines

Image by Thomas Tangelder from Pixabay 

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Boracay’s code is informal. Has an easy and undeniable atmosphere, Boracay. Walking barefoot is a rule and no exception. Superb white sand beach, and it feels a few miles of baby powder. Discos on the first floor by swinging club, giving the dance a new look.

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No buildings on this island. Massage in the shade of coconut trees enjoy during the day and relaxing environment, coast sights are common. Great place to a party Boracay, from dusk to dawn. Welcome everyone to join… but first, let’s have a drink at sunset!

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The recreational activities of this tropical Eden are not a problem. Leisure activities throughout the year, and 350 tourist agencies give services.


Image by Madhawa Perera from Pixabay

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