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best city 2020

Datraveler: Visit Best City 2020

Best City 2020. Studies show that unlike smaller rural towns. Generation around the world is finding more happiness in cities. What’s wrong these cities usually offer better career opportunities. More opportunities to make friends or meet partners, and to be honest, they will be more fun.

Although the generation doesn’t look for party cities. Best city 2020 for us, there are important things like the cost of living, affordability of rent. Local nightlife and well-being (also known as vibration).

1. a&o Salzburg Hauptbahnhof, Salzburg, Austria

Please Drumroll: The Salzburg Festival is 100 years old. The inner thief of this alpine city sings high with his voice. This festival is one of the largest classical music festivals in the world. Has always been a carnival of opera. Classical music and drama, and has never exceeded 2020. Salzburg will do all possible special music throughout the historical center for exhibitions. Events for the Centennial: concerts, plays, readings, Mozart cabarets and more. As always, the best bill is due to Jedman de Hugo von Hoffmanstal. Whose work based on medieval ethics, its glory at Don Platz Outstanding performance. So please remove your skirt or tulle, book your flight a few months in advance. Prepare to shake Amadeus like summer (without a wig).

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Best City 2020

2. YOTEL Washington DC, Washington D.C., United States

This year, the city of Washington celebrated the centennial of the 19th amendment. A law that empowers women to vote, all eyes were on Washington, DC. Iconic museums such as the National Portrait Gallery. The National Museum of History, and the National Museum of Women’s Art. We will have special exhibitions related to this important human rights milestone. Combined with the excitement of this year’s presidential election. Washington, DC will be one of the most dynamic cities in the United States in 2020. Beyond politics, Washington’s revival is flourishing. The coastal area reinvented, new museums held an explosive food scene. Green roofs, hundreds of planted trees. Innovative floating wetland systems make this city greener than ever.

3. Cairo, Egypt

Egypt disbanded the treasures of Tutankhamen on a global tour in 2018. Announcing the last time Pharaoh’s funeral relics had abandoned their shores. Do you want to see the wealth of ancient Egypt in the future? You will have to visit the Great Egyptian Museum (GEM) in Cairo. 2020 will be the day of Insara (God willing), this avant-garde museum in Giza will open. Head for the amazing collection of the world’s largest museum dedicated to civilization. For tourists from the Red Sea and Luxor, the addition of the pyramids and GEM. An obstacle to the recently opened Giza Sphinx Airport. Which will operate domestic flights?

4. Best City 2020: Galway, Ireland

A noble bohemian style, Galway is Ireland’s most attractive city. Here, the colorful bar full of live music. While the cafe offers front-row seating for street musicians to enjoy the show. This year, events that mark Galway’s role as the European Capital of Culture for 2020. I have enriched this creativity. The city’s calendar is as vibrant as Saturday’s with locals’ bars and expects street shows. Live and digital art, as well as world-class music, theater, and dance. Dreams may have to wait: in Galway, even street musicians play late into the night. The vibrant and imaginative Galway will be the venue for the city’s annual art party in 2020. You have also invited me.

5. Best City: Bonn, Germany

Once the capital of West Germany. Bonn disappeared from the radar when Berlin regained power in 1990. But in 2020, when Bonn was about to celebrate the 250th birthday of Beethoven. It became the focus of attention again. What is the score? Well, you can look forward to hosting a series of concerts throughout the year. Attracting world-renowned orchestras, soloists and directors (including Sir Simon Rattle and Daniel Barenboim). The Bonn Theatre is performing the composer’s only opera, “Fidelio”. Besides, these facilities and competitions incorporate Beethoven’s musical genius. Picnic performances and “family concerts”. Local musicians open their doors to the public.

6. he Rooftop Bolivia, La Paz, Bolivia

The Jetsonian capsule gliding over La Paz and the world’s largest cable car system. The most visible sign of your new ambition. There were only three lines in 2014, but there will be 11 lines by 2020. Below, once monotonous cities are moving towards a more glorious and inspiring future. From extravagant self-taught architects. To budding chefs who have left the new culinary school. Everyone is thriving here, not because of some borrowed ideas and global trends. But because people have a Bolivian root New pride. It’s not hard to see why more and more tourists are staying in La Paz before taking risks.

7. Radisson Blu Kochi, Kochi, India

The pleasant cold city of southern India has seen the sun. Kochi located on the tropical coast of Malabar, Kerala. In recent years, it has become a shining example of renewable energy. Launched the world’s first solar airport, won the United Nations Land Champion Award. But this the top of the iceberg. The city has bohemian cafés, private family homes concealed in colonial lazy alleys. A series of visionary galleries for the future. So while maintaining its traditional strong control, embrace the new fresh style. In 2020, street art stands out at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale. Imprinting India on the Contemporary Art Festival.

8. Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Richmond, Richmond (BC), Canada

This natural park majestic crowded between the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The forested mountains of the North Coast, the birthplace of green peace. So Vancouver has been trying to lead the world’s urban areas sustainability for you. The old environmental benefits of the Greenest Cities 2020 Action Plan. It will enrich your accommodation. Travel to the expanded cycling and walking network. Which includes an unforgettable 28-kilometer stretch along the beach and coast. Jump through the city’s many attractions with an improved public transport system. Or shade in one of the 102,000 new trees planted since 2010.

9. Dubai, UAE

Dubai now the future, the eager highest-level emirate. Has launched several large-scale tent projects that exceed the 2020 quota. Of course, the main cost to take part in the six-month World Expo 2020. 190 countries strive to showcase the latest visions of sustainable development and mobility. (for example, flying cars) in impressive architectural pavilions. The museum is also expected to open in the future, a next-generation wonder. In an eye-shaped building decorated with calligraphy. At the same time, a European-themed fantasy resort. Located two miles from the coast in the artificial archipelago, called “World”. Preparing to welcome the first guests to experience the unique phenomena of Dubai. Such as underwater rooms and entire snowy days year.

10. Best City 2020: Denver, USA

Denver is one of the USA’s most fascinating emerging cities. As Mile High City enters the final stage of development. Creativity and quality food, it has reached new heights. Construction cranes dot the horizon of the mountains. The empty place, a new modern hotel overnight. While the new restaurant’s milk market meets people’s appetites. Through the fusion of dining tables and international cuisine. Santa Fe’s amazing art experience is Meow Wolf. Which installed a psychedelic ride called “Kaleidoscape”. The Elitch Gardens theme park and water park as a permanent $50 million Meow Wolf to held in 2021. The fascinating Kirkland Museum of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts. Moved to a magnetic building designed by Olson Kundig. The city’s Golden Triangle Creative District.

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