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Discover Cruising Destination Ideas

Admit it. Before you took that first cruise, your thoughts on cruise ships and cruise vacations comprised flashbacks to Love Boat re-runs. Cruising in sunny, tropical destinations Bermuda, Mexico, and Hawaii.

Since traveling by cruise ship is more popular than ever. Thanks to its affordability, you can not only go to those sunny destinations. But more to unusual ports in Hong Kong, Alaska, Norway, and the Amazon River.

Still, more of cruising done in warm weather. The Caribbean and a popular place for first-time cruisers. Among the places to choose from are the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. There is the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. Cruise ships traveling for the Caribbean set voyages from harbors along the Eastern United States Coast and Florida. The same applies to charming Bermuda.

People who live on the West Coast of the United States often cruise to Hawaii and its islands. The main goal of vacationers is to see the black sandy beaches of Punaluu. Cool Alaskan cruises are a big opportunity, not the sights but the cool side trips that can take. Passengers can gaze at glaciers either by land, by helicopter, or even on a guided walking tour. They can go salmon fishing or relive the histories of the Gold Rush Days at the Alaskan ports. These cruises offer wildlife. Passengers have spotted humpback whales, moose, wolverines, sea lions, and bears.

Cruising Destination Ideas

In wintertime in the United States, you can bet that veteran cruisers may head to places in South America Rio de Janeiro, or Buenos Aires. They indulge in their summer seasons in an exotic locale. The more adventurous may decide on an Amazonian cruise or cruise the Galapagos Islands.

Discover Cruising Destination Ideas

The Indian Ocean may appeal with an eye for less commercialized ports of call. These ports include the African islands Madagascar, Seychelles, and the Spice Islands. Plus, you could still extend the holiday to include a Kenyan safari.

The Mediterranean Sea beckons to the cruisers who are history buffs. The places rich in history involve Italy and the remnants of Rome involving the Colosseum. Greece is another popular Mediterranean destination steeped in history. The islands of Corfu and Crete are often included in a Grecian cruise. To explore different parts of Europe is a must, seeking travel back through time. From Scottish castles to the Latin flavors of Barcelona, Spain, something for anyone.

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Judging where to go is one of the hardest parts of cruise travel. For most of us, budget dictates where we can go. Want a warm, sunny place or a cool cruise to Alaska? No matter what your pocketbook says, many fabulous destinations to cruise.

Discover Cruising Destination Ideas

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