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World Continent General Considerations For Europe Geological History

World Continent General Considerations For Europe Geological History. Precambrian rocks exist in three basic tectonic settings. First a shield, such as the Baltic Sea Shield. A large space of ​​stable Precambrian rock that surrounded by later orogenic belts (mountain shapers). The second is from the basement to the young Phanerozoic sediment coating (ie sediments have […]

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Europe Part Of The Seven Continent World Map And History

Europe the second greatest continent in the earth. It comprises the peninsula west of Eurasia (a large piece of land shared with Asia). Accounting for one-fifth of the world’s total land space. It limits the north and the Arctic Ocean. The West and the Atlantic Ocean. South (from the West to the East) Mediterranean Sea, […]

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Why Must You Experience Florence Italy At Least Once In Your Lifetime?

Why go to Florence? The town hides in the hills of Tuscany and casts a long shadow throughout history. A Renaissance fountain, Florence (or Florence) has a strong Medici family and artists inspired by Michelangelo (David) and Brunelleschi (Cathedral). If you are not a stylish Italian and a fashion store that runs through Tornabuoni. You […]

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Europe: The Best Honeymoon Destination For Couples

Couple-friendly accommodation, attractions, meals, and expert opinions. We identified the best places for newlyweds in Europe Honeymoon Destination…