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Blekinge: a small county with big adventures on the archipelago

Blekinge has magnificent coastal natural scenery and culture, including the Karlskrona World Heritage Site. The scale is controllable, and you can explore most of the area in one weekend. However, there are various activities and scenery here, and there are also many entertainments for your long stay.

Blekinge County in southeastern Sweden may be the smallest province in the country. But the experience you can expect is no minor matter. The terrain is diverse, from peaceful pastures to charming archipelago. Blekinge has over 100 nature reserves, half of which are in the archipelago. Must-see islands include Hanö Island, Tjärö Island, Aspö Island, and Utklippan.
Karlskrona is a World Heritage Site and the capital of the region. It spans 30 islands and has a well-preserved naval base. Cities such as Karlshamn, Ronneby, and Solvesborg also have many places to explore.
You are an adventurous person, or just looking for beautiful scenery changes. You will find the perfect holiday or family holiday in Blekinge.

Outdoor adventures in the Blekinge Islands
Blekinge offers a variety of fascinating nature experiences; the waters here are perfect for kayaking and canoeing. Rent a kayak in Paddelkompaniet for an independent seal hunt. Utklippan, on the outskirts of the Blekinge Islands, is a good starting point. It is the favourite place for a large group of grey seals. (Please note that such far waters may be unpredictable, so please avoid paddling alone.)
If you like an organised seal experience, consider Saltstänk’s diving excursions and boat trips. In the late summer and early fall, you have the highest chance of encountering these fascinating creatures.

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Fishing in the waters of Blekinge (sea, lakes, and streams) is a quiet way to enjoy the scenery. The impressive nature reserve on the island of Tjärö (accessible by ferry from Karlshamn and Järnavik). A great place for sea trout. Pike and perch fishing and Eriksberg’s beach is a great place for pike fishing. There are many fishing companies that offer quick trips to Blekinge-including Dragsö Sportfishing from Karlskrona. You will soon understand why Karlskrona nicknamed “Gäddriket” (Kingdom of Pike). If you like fly-fishing, Mörrums Kronolaxfiske offers a variety of packages.

The best path for hikers and cyclists
Blekinge is great for hiking and cycling. You will get a good snapshot of the changing terrain of the area along the Blekingeleden (Blekinge Trail). This 270-kilometre section divided into 15 sections. It will take you through peaceful pastures, forests, and sparkling lakes, and you can find accommodation along the way.


Another route not to be missed is ARK56, a network of 13 trail points winding through the spectacular biosphere reserve. You can explore this undeveloped natural terrain through a variety of modes such as cycling, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing. There are beautiful bays, unspoiled islands, and well-preserved historical sites. Blekinge’s largest lake, Halen, also offers hiking and canoeing trails. Don’t miss the Frickabron suspension bridge, which has become the most photographed Olofström attraction.

Karlskrona: Historic Maritime City
The Karlskrona World Heritage Site is full of historical splendour and reflects its maritime heritage. You stroll through this naval base built in 1680, you will see charming fortifications, historic churches, elegant squares, and boulevards. The city centre and its impressive large town square are on the island of Trossö. Known for its Baroque architecture, highlights include Trefaldighetskyrkan (Trinity Church), Fredrikskyrkan (Fredrikh Church), and the Town Hall.

The Kungsholm Fortress

The Kungsholm fortress built in 1680 is on the south street of Karlskrona. We consider Drottningskär Castle one of Sweden’s most important historical military buildings. It is on the island of Aspo and can reached by ferry from Karlskrona. The Blekinge Museum and Marinmuseum (Navy Museum) are other cultural sites worth visiting.

Do you want to immerse yourself in the typical Swedish atmosphere dotted with red cabins? Then head to Brändaholm, a tree-lined community with 1920s houses and picturesque streets, perfect for a leisurely stroll.
Karlshamn is another gem. The town has historical sites such as Kastellet Fortress and Asschierska Huset. A 17th-century half-timbered building that was used as a city hall and prison.

Blakeinger Food Highlights
Blekinge has a proud culinary culture and is focusing on sustainable cuisine based on local products from water and land. Äggaboden in Ronneby is a small poultry farm in an idyllic rural environment. They provide lunch and “Fika”, and there is a well-stocked farm shop filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, and eggs. If it is difficult for you to leave, there is a comfortable B&B in the hotel.


For gastronomy, consider the high-end event Visenten at the spectacular Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve. The menu driven, based on a sourced game, and supplemented with harvested products. Astensmåla Mat & Vingård is on the outskirts of Olofström and offers excellent farm dinner packages.

Smoked Fish

Smoked fish is a specialty of Blekinge, and smoked salmon and cured salmon are the daily main dishes. The Karlshamn’s Wägga Fisk & Delikatessrökeri, Saltö’s Blomlöfs and Hällevik’s Dagmars Hamnkrog. Blekinge has many unique coffee shops and small breweries, such as Brygghus 19 in Karlshamn and Bryggeri Skeppsgossen in Karlskrona. Café Mandeltårtan in Ronneby also runs a comfortable bed-and-breakfast that serves delicious food and sweets. Be sure to order the delicious almond cake with the same name as in the cafeteria.

You taste the local flavours or explore a wide range of historical and natural attractions; you realise that although Blekinge County is small; it offers a powerful experience you will never forget.


How to get there?

  • International ferry: Stena Line runs from Gdynia, Poland to Karlskrona; DFDS runs between Klaipeda, Lithuania, and Karlsport.
  • By train: SJ trains depart from major cities such as Gothenburg, Malmo, and Stockholm. Öresundståg operates a train from Copenhagen to Karlskrona (about 3.5 hours via Karlshamn).
  • By plane: Fly to Gothenburg, Malmö, or Stockholm, and continue your journey on the SJ train. Or take a connecting flight to Ronneby Airport in Blekinge.

How do they move?
No matter which mode of transportation you choose, Blekinge is easy to navigate. Can use the network of ARK56 trails that meander through the area, walking or cycling across large tracts of land. All cities are also suitable for cycling, and buses run in and around the major center and its surrounding areas. Boats and ferries shuttle between the islands of the archipelago.

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Where to stay:

Things to do:

  • They dotted the Karlskrona World Heritage Site with fortifications, naval shipyards and ports, and other military landmarks.
  • The Marinmuseum (Naval Museum) gives you a glimpse of Karlskrona’s rich maritime history.
  • The Blekinge Museum displays fascinating exhibits from Blekinge’s past and present. At Ebbamåla Bruk, you can learn more about the Swedish Industrial Revolution.
  • Trails such as ARK56 and Blekingeleden are great for hiking, biking and kayaking.
  • Väbylunds Islandshästar offers horseback riding excursions.
  • Karlshamns Golfklubb and Sölvesborgs Golfklubb, known as the golf coast of Sweden and recommended.

With children:
Blekinge has many activities for the entire family, unspoiled natural environment, city parks, and play areas.
Here are some places not to be missed:

  • Kreativum Science Center in Karlshamn.
  • Ronneby Brunnsbad water park.
  • Barnens Gård (Children’s Farm)-A small world offering variety of activities, including leisure parks, petting zoos, pony riding, water parks, etc.

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