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Asia Urban Adventures: Culture Tour in Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda Visit

Asia Urban Adventures, learn why people from around the world flock to Myanmar, Yangon tour. Learn Myanmar’s unique traditions and culture by visiting pagodas, parks, museums, and markets.

Asia Urban: What can you expect?

Start your trip with a local English-speaking guide in downtown Yangon. Go ahead to Chaukhtetkyi Pagoda, the home of a reclining Buddha. The Buddha one of the most honest Buddhas in the country and one of the largest Buddhas in Myanmar.

The Yangon cultural tour will continue through the local residential section. Next through Kandawgyi Park. Local guide share stories and anecdotes. Answer questions you may have the city’s local life. Proceeding to the Shwedagon Pagoda entrance. Rest for those who want a coffee break and sight-seeing.

The eastern pagoda entrance, you will meet a different local market. Gives you an idea of ​​important Buddhism in everyday life in Myanmar. Shopping to small market done. The long corridor to the pagoda platform next. A local guide shares a true story of Buddhist unique beliefs.

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Asia Urban pagoda dome

The pagoda’s magnificent golden dome located 98 meters above its pedestal. Acknowledge having covered with much of pure gold. Many gems such as jade, ruby, sapphires, and diamonds. The wonderful pagoda dome, one of the iconic places in the city. Ideal place to complete the traditional and cultural journey of Yangon City.

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The dome, pagoda temple explore time passed. Visitors return to the truck and return to the venue which takes 30 minutes. Stay in the pagoda, we invite you to do. When returning to the city center, transportation cost is your responsibility

Asia Urban pagoda view
Jeff Pioquinto, SJ


  • Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Yangon.
  • Explore Chaukhtetkyi Pagoda and its revered Reclining Buddha.
  • Stroll through the local residential section and the remarkable Kandawgyi Park.
  • Marvel at the majesty of the Shwedagon Pagoda and its iconic golden dome.
  • When the sun sets on the golden pagoda, see the locals and monks give their dedication.

photo by gabriella levine from flickr

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