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Airport Security Line: Be Aware 10 Guides Not To Do

The TSA will change its rules from time to time. But do we agree that certain actions never right? These are 10 things you should avoid doing on the airport security line.

1. Avoid Airport Security Line: Talking of illegal
Don’t talk on drugs, weapons, bombs or something that might threaten safety. The first custom even if you joke. (Hint: You are not funny.) TSA has enough concerns, so everyone likes and keeps your jokes.

2. Avoid Airport Security Line: Reorganize your property on the line
Nothing more annoying than when you rearrange your stuff (or dress again after screening) and still waiting in line. Take your belongings and move to a designated space to reorganize. Unless you grab your bag and put on a pair of shoes, others will pick up their stuff.

3. Avoid Airport Security Line: Put things in your pocket
You are passing a safe metal detector or body scanner. So will take every item out of your pocket – keys, cell phones, wallets, money, jewelry, and more. Too many people forget something in their pocket and grab the entire line from the scanner. Don’t be one.

Airport Security Line: Be Aware 10 Guides Not To Do

4. Avoid Airport Security Line: Impolite to TSA agents
The TSA detected 2 million passengers. Don’t make their job harder because you are an idiot. If you select for a random search (yes, this annoying, if you are late), then cooperate. They have work to do, and you are acting adult. And don’t be annoying with big problems with body scanners. If you don’t want to pass through the scanner (requires pat-down).

5. Avoid Airport Security Line: Remove unnecessary elements
During the security check, you cannot change with rules that don’t keep your body. For (standard inspection), you must remove the shoes, belt, 3-1-1 liquid bag, outer layer, and laptop. But, pre-checking travelers, seniors, and children under the age of 12 need not take off their shoes.
Many passengers think they need to have separate containers for every extra item. They take out the electronics from the carry-on baggage. This not the case; you only need to remove the laptop (or any other similar sized electronic device) and liquid.

Airport Security Line: Be Aware 10 Guides Not To Do

6. Avoid Airport Security Line: Forgot to tag your laptop (and bag)
Because you separated electronics and luggage during the evaluations important to mark the items. Many laptops look the same, so figure out your stuff from other passengers belonging. (Property is easy to confuse). Recognize your things and make sure labeled, just in case. If scheduled for a security check or an added check, they will take your belongings.

7. Avoid Airport Security Line: Touch other people’s things
Although not illegal, it can pose a security threat if you touch someone else’s property. It meant rude to move your things for them, which can cause objects to lose. Here, best of more patient and let them responsible for their belongings. If someone leaves something instead of grabbing it and trying to return to the person. Tell the TSA agent so that no security issues.

8. Avoid Airport Security Line: After verification, please try to show your boarding pass
There is nothing to scream “unusual travelers” other than showing your boarding pass and ID card to the TSA agent. To the other end of the security checkpoint after the security personnel review. Use the rest of the things to pass them through the conveyor belt; you only need the boarding pass upon boarding,

Airport Security Line: Be Aware 10 Guides Not To Do

9. Avoid Airport Security Line: Keep your stuff unattended
Keep an eye on your belongings through a secure handling, always at the airport. It is important to make sure that your items enter the conveyor belt before queuing through the body scanner.

10. Avoid Airport Security Line: Not ready
The security processes shouldn’t surprise you. The packaged liquid must remove at the top of your hand baggage. Find items to remove, make sure laptop can remove from the bag. The clothes and shoes you know will be easy to handle.
After verifying your identity, wait in the line and keep your boarding pass and identification. Remove layers, shoes, liquids, and laptops while waiting for your baggage to pass through the scanner.
Even better, (registration preflight check) makes the whole method smoother. Never have to worry about taking items out of your body or bag.
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Editor’s Note: Rules and regulations may vary from airport to airport. When traveling, please contact the TSA or your local transportation department for the latest safety regulations.

Avoid Airport Security Line: Put things in your pocket, you are passing a safe metal detector or body scanner. So will take every item out of your pocket…


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