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airport security checks

The Airport Security Checks: 10 Tips Passenger Must Not Do

Airport security checks a need for passengers to accept who want to fly with the airplane. The best of any passenger wants to pass safety. This means being prepared and avoiding airport security errors. Disappoint you and everyone else and may even expose you to TSA issues.

Learn our 10 tips on how to do security at the airport. Make you a smarter person who can pass the checkpoint as a professional.

1. Airport Security Checks: Do not carry over 3.4 ounces of liquid
This may be obvious to ordinary travelers. But even if the so-called 3-1-1 rule came into effect in 2006. Uncommon travelers will still carry shampoo, perfume, etc. Every time this happens, the TSA agent must take out the seat belt bag. Call the passenger, search for the baggage, abuse the passenger, and throw away the bottle. This will slow the safety line and make the criminal sense uneasy.

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The Airport Security Checks: 10 Tips Must Not Do

There are exceptions to this rule, including drugs, breast milk, and infant formula. In addition, if you fly to the US via a foreign transfer flight. You can ship full-size duty-free liquids. They stay sealed in the security tamper-proof package by the original seller.
For more information on what you can do with airport security, please read Airport Security Questions and Answers.

2. Airport Security Checks: Do not leave liquids and gels in your carry-on baggage
A reliable approach to reducing safety routes. Dig through the carry-on luggage to remove unnecessary items and throw in the trash. It is not enough to only place the stroke size liquid in a transparent one-quart bag. Placed the bag in a convenient place, open the package of the carry-on bag and grab it.

3. Airport Security Check: Don’t forget to prepare your boarding pass and identification
As in the former case when you are in front of a security agent. You do not want to remove the wallet to get your identity. Stand the line, or better yet, prepare this before queuing. Do it faster for yourself and those behind you won’t wait. You don’t bother security personnel.

10 Tips Must Not Do

4 Airport Security Checks: Don’t wait to take off your belt, watch, jacket, and shoes
If you haven’t understood our “ready” mantra, then come again. The best way to pass security as possible is to hold everything you need. Prepare to place your items on the conveyor when you get there. If you wear a belt or watch, remove it when you join the line. Same, your jacket and shoes. If you own shoelaces, loosen your shoelaces, take off your shoes. Hint: Seniors over the age of 75 can leave shoes and lightweight jackets.

5. Airport Security Checks: Do not cut unwanted items
One of the most common blunders travelers does in airport security. They take out every electronic device so personnel takes separate X-rays. You need not do this. According to the TSA, they should remove, only standard or larger laptops or PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo. Camera-sized electronic devices that use videotapes remove from their boxes to take a separate x-ray. They can leave tablets, electronic readers, cameras, handheld DVD players, and mobile phones in the carry-on baggage. Make sure they aren’t in your pocket!

6. Airport Security Checks: Do not wear sandals
Do you want to expose your bare feet to the disgusting airport floor? Sandals are easy to put on and remove. But they don’t prove the possible cause of an athlete’s foot. If you can’t give up your slippers, consider wearing a pair of disposable booties to protect your feet.

10 Tips Must Not Do

7. Airport Security Checks: Don’t ignore the least busy checkpoints
For any terminal, most large airports have multiple checkpoint entries. Maybe busier than others at certain times of the day. The TSA provides travelers with an application called My TSA to check for safe waiting times. Just make sure you can access your door through the control point of your choice.

8. Airport Security Checks: Do not bring trouble to security personnel
You may think test shampoo bottle less than 3.4 ounces or the last time you pass the security guard. No one cares that your mask is not in a transparent bag. The important thing they reported you this time. While it may be wrong for TSA’s specific agent to ask you to give up your “piracy”. They have the powers and argues that it won’t let you go anywhere, and may stop you.

10 Tips Must Not Do

9. Airport Security Checks: Don’t joke about national security or bombs
Speaking, telling jokes on national security at the airport is not illegal. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get into trouble. September 2013 at Miami International Airport a man jokes that his friend arrested after a bomb. When the inspector inspected a can of peanut butter. TSA was looking for the confiscation of his explosives. You may think your jokes are interesting or harmless. But keep in mind, TSA has no sense of humor when doing their work. Always be cautious.

10. Airport Security Checks: Don’t forget the PreCheck program
TSA’s PreCheck program is a risk-based screening method. Let frequent travelers ask for access to restrict, faster airport security channels. The application method is a thorough history check, but once cleared. PreCheck flyers no longer need to take off straps, shoes, or lightweight jackets. Neither have their plastic and laptop bags compatible with 3-1-1 in separate In the container. The PreCheck lane is available at over 180 airports in the United States.

The Airport Security Checks: 10 Tips Must Not Do

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