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5 Hotel Trends That Are Changing The Hotels Guest Experience

Unusual hotel trends have created an embarrassment in the industry. While others are expanding.

But no matter how big or small the impact of the trend, or how short or lasting. The most benefiting hotel is the one that best adapts to the guest experience. This is an independent hotel, agile, innovative. Without the inflexible standards unique to large chains, at its best.

Here are five hotel trends that have emerged on the scene and have changed the guest experience. A little forever, no doubt good.
Not revealing too much, no further troubles. The consumer experience generated by these trends is:

  • Personalized
  • Seamless
  • Transformation travel-inspired
  • Food-focused
  • Eco-friendly
  • a

A personalized experience for guests. With changing consumer expectations, the industry is entering a golden age of depersonalization. Individual guests have embraced their uniqueness. The hotel industry should embrace it, and its brilliance is as unique as snowflakes.

Hotel technology providers are researching solutions. That makes the entire guests’ experience 100% adaptable to individuals. Adhere to their ideal hotel standards, including their food and music preferences.

The hotel responds to this trend. Concentrate on ensuring guests appear as a unique (individual) than an entry in the booking book. By identifying and meeting the guests’ special preferences and fantasies. Through personal interaction with employees. The hotel not only provides guests with experience. But registers many experiences for guests.

  • b

Give the perfect experience for the guests.
Although most people not concerned with the present development trend of the hotel. This issue is not because of its importance and continues to appear in the industry news. Because although the guest experience divided into different stages (presentation, booking, and retention). If it frustrates you with the traveler. This will cause the loss of booking opportunities and guest expectations.

Any significant changes in the look, taste, and ease of use of the booking phase. Can create friction in the guest’s experience. As the search phase causes the traveler to abort than to book. It is comfortable to reserve a room online. But the check-in method leads to long handling of filling out the form. Which can frustrate and disappointing?

The hotel is implementing a technology that automates. Optimizes the entire client experience from start to finish. An interesting hotel profiles to optimized direct booking engines and one-click registration. Hotel operators are taking account of every stage of client travel. By doing so, they are creating a perfect experience for the traveler. Who not only appreciates but looks forward to it.

  • c

To Transform the experience of travelers. The trend of this hotel reflects a new travel approach. The next phase of experiential travel evolution, called “transformation travel”.

Travelers following this trend seek self-reflection and development on their travels. Connect with humans and nature, return to their homes, change their perspectives. Gain a deeper understanding of the world in which they live.

The hotel supports you in this task.

They are designing experiences for their guests. Allowing them to challenge themselves and interact with local communities and conservation efforts. This may mean retreating from providing meditation outside the network. Volunteering for non-profit organizations. These customer experiences are anti-drugs against meaningless indulgence. The mentality of hotel accommodation values in Instagram posts.

  • d

Food central experience. No one could call “food” a good meal. “the sacred principle of human experience.” But, the trend is new ways and ways in which hotels can integrate food into the guest experience.

It served the meals us saw in the room until the early hours of the morning. The cooking courses at the hotel restaurant were suitable for adults and families. The fresh organic ingredients got from the local farms. Exquisite breakfast buffet, ignoring the word “buffet” but responding to “rich Banquet.”

We see it because travelers now choosing hotels for their food central experiences. The hotel is rising, the soft roll in the oven.

  • e

The ecological experience of the guests.
Travelers know of their reproduction footprint. Try to decrease it as much as a possible starting with booking hotel rooms of the same value. Hotels that adopt these values and adapt to the customer experience. Not only can accommodate more guests but reduce energy consumption and save money.


From the actions that guests can see. Think of the restroom, lighting and air conditioning. From, the source of the room vacant and towel reuse policy. The behind-the-scenes effort no paper in the property-based cloud management strategy. Hotel in Several aspects have turned green.

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The last sentence

Each of these consumers experiences shows industry changes. Which may be more influential and persistent than others. But, things logical and will stay the same. The hotel should stay open whether in the form of new technology or a new philosophy towards travel.

Hospitality will never be out of date.

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