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Japan Cherry Blossoms: Our 3-Day Sapporo Spring Experience

Want to watch a cherry tree in Sapporo? The best time to witness cherry blossoms in Sapporo is early May. If you look at the Japanese cherry blossom forecast, you will understand why the cherry blossoms bloom in early May. Sapporo in spring is a city of dreams.

The further you travel in the city, the more incredible you will find. Sapporo can give you with the most exquisite cherry blossom feast. This is one of the important reasons you need to visit Sapporo in the spring. What do you think so?

We want to share three-day Sapporo trips with you; as a result, you will learn of cherry blossoms and tulips. In addition, this itinerary shows the best business districts in the city and the foods you should try. If you spend the night at the following hotels, you can follow this travel plan. It is a short walk from JR Sapporo Station. They are:

As you continue reading this article, you will find out why we recommend these hotels. Remember, if you are visiting Sapporo for the first time, always connect to the internet. Use Pocket Wi-Fi connection to find out why you need to use the device.

We will delve into the details of three fine days in Sapporo.

3-Day Sapporo Spring Experience – Day 1

First, you can have breakfast and get ready to explore the nearby attractions. Walk to the Sapporo Clock Tower. If you’re not sure where this place, use Google Maps. It will be an easy walk and you will love. Built in 1878, the Sapporo Clock Tower is a small museum said to be the oldest clock tower in Japan. Entering the room at the entry price costs 200 yen. Walk to the Nijo market as you complete exploring the building. If you want to learn local fish and seafood, then worth visiting the market. You can taste fresh seafood such as king crab, sea urchin, scallops and more. We love to explore the city on foot, great.
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When you own a portable Wi-Fi device, don’t worry about losing yourself. Your next destination is Nakajima Park. You don’t have to walk to get to the square from the fish market. In the hanami season of the park, you can witness cherry blossoms. This is one of the most popular parks in the city we visit. The park itself is so spacious and the trails inside are inspiring. It has a charming pond, hundreds of cherry groves, a popular Japanese field, chairs, huge woods, meadows, and public spaces. Many tourists and residents come here to celebrate the flower viewing party.

Sapporo in spring is like a city of dreams. The more you travel in the city, the more incredible you will find.Based on my travel experience, Sapporo can…

3-Day Sapporo Spring Experience

Remember, many tourists coming here on weekends. There is a huge weeping cherry tree next to the Japanese garden. When in full bloom, everyone appreciates their excellence and wants to take a photo of the front? There, several tourists asked me: “I’m sorry, can you take a photo?” Stay longer in the park and enjoy lunch. You can get food from food suppliers. When you walk across the street, it’s worth a try. we have seen many pigeons, including crows. They stay superb, let me take pictures! Plus, rowing boats are available for a great time on the lake.

When you turn to the place, explore this “Nakajimakoendori Station” on Google Maps. Wait for a tram, the tram delivers you to the place. Once on the tram, you can head to the Ropeway Iriguchi station. The cost is 200 yen each person. You will take the free shuttle bus to wait for the visitor. This takes you to the lower station of the Mount Moiwa cableway. Ride a bus, but you don’t want, you can. On the way to the cable car station, you will see engaging cherry trees. To get to Mount Moiwa Observation Deck, please buy a round-trip ticket for the cable car, mini cable car. The entrance fee is 1,700 yen.

We recommended seeing many mountains in the backdrop, except for the city’s skyscrapers. They appear great from the observation deck. A wonderful night view of the city. Remember, in the spring, cool and windy. We recommend that you bring warm clothing (jacket or sweater), including gloves. Any suggestions for where to eat? You can go to Susukino Yokocho Ramen, the perfect place to sample the different delicious ramen noodles in Hokkaido.

3-Day Sapporo Spring Experience – Day 2

The next day, the factory in Sapporo was the old Hokkaido government office building. The Maruyama Park, Maruyama Zoo, the Hokkaido Shrine, Odori Park and Sapporo TV Tower. You could love to discover much of cherry blossoms including plum blossoms in Maruyama Park. Before going to Maruyama Koen, please visit the Hokkaido Government Office Building. Next to this historic landmark is the hotel we recommend. A 10-minute walk is enough! They built the red brick government building in the Meiji period in 1888. It provides visitors with a pleasant space to walk with their families. There, you can find several Japanese cherry blossoms and colorful tulips. In fact, the growth of tulips is impressive.

Use the subway to Maruyama Koen Station and stroll the spacious grounds in 5 minutes. If your priority is to see cherry blossoms, then visit the Hokkaido Shrine. Many cherry trees you pass to the temple. Cherry blossoms and plums (plum blossoms) can view together in the park, focus the plum garden. Besides seeing every plum blossoms, you will acknowledge a few larges cherry trees. The park is pleasant no matter where you find it. Then you go to the Maruyama Zoo.

At the glorious moment of spring, the zoo is full of groups of children and parents. The impressive danger of extinction of various animals, birds at the zoo. It will impress you when you see polar bears, wolves, penguins and Steller’s sea eagle. The monkeys in the cage look awful, but for children, it will bring many emotions. Have a break at the zoo. Many shops and restaurants buy food. If you run out of cash, you can head to the 7-Eleven store in the zoo. Use your international Visa or MasterCard to withdraw cash. Spend a perfect day at the zoo and walk through Maruyama Park. Stroll through the virgin forests of Maruyama for a special travel experience.

Overnight at downtown Odori Park with flower beds, statues, benches, and fountains. Here, you will get a better understanding of the symbol of Sapporo–Sapporo TV Tower. Explore another highlight of Sapporo, called Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade. No matter where you buy from, just stroll through the gallery. If you don’t care, please study the Sapporo underground shopping center.

3-Day Sapporo Spring Experience – Day 3

Today you will promise to buy. We recommend Sapporo Beer Museum, Sapporo Beer Garden next to each alternative. Please move to the Sapporo factory before you go. No one is unusual. But worth stopping to check the market network and your private courtyard. Head to the Sapporo Beer Museum. Walk and love hiking in this section. You can ignore visiting Sapporo factory instead of the Sapporo Beer Museum, it considers a tourist attraction. Great place to learn from the history of Japanese beer. Don’t leave the museum without trying beer.

There now a great experience. Next, the library, you will recognize an edifice named Sapporo Beer Garden. It includes restaurants. Order your Jingisukan (Genghis Khan): Local cuisine made with roast lamb or lamb and vegetables. Remember, isn’t the only local cuisine to try Jingisukan in Sapporo. Several other well-known restaurants in the city that serve delicious local dishes.

What should we do next?

You can use the remaining time to access Sapporo ESTA. Daimaru, JR Taza Star Palace, and JR Tower Observation Deck. Sapporo ESTA a large commercial complex with a variety of products. For duty-free shopping, you must visit the Bic Camera Store in the ESTA Building. Buy there, don’t forget to bring your passport. Curry soup is a great dish in Sapporo. Could you love to try? Visit the Garaku curry soup and enjoy your party. That’s it! we think the itinerary can make your trip easier.

Unlike Tokyo, Sapporo is not a big city. Staying in Sapporo for three days is enough to understand it has become spring attraction. If you want to explore other tourist attractions, such as Moerenuma Park, Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park. The Hokkaido Historical Village includes a day trip to Otaru, Dingshan Creek, and then a 2 days stay.

Sapporo Spring nearby Hotels

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Nest Hotel Sapporo Ekimae
Nest Hotel Sapporo Ekimae
Nest Hotel Sapporo Ekimae

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Sapporo Grand Hotel
Sapporo Grand Hotel
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Hotel Pearl City Sapporo
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